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Go vs. Python: Which One is the Best to Learn?

by Pranisha Rai
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Golang and Python’s popularity is growing like a wildfire in the web development world. Some experts suggest Python over Go and some vice-versa. But if you are unsure about it, then let us help you with an in-depth comparison between Python and Go.  Moreover, through this article, we will help you understand which language is better to learn for better career prospects. So let’s go right into it 

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Golang is a great language for API development. Its supportive design is well-suited for small and functional microservices. In addition, it is similar to ‘C’, which adds the extra benefits of next-gen features such as memory management, garbage collection, and structural typing. 

Features of Golang

  • Readability and Maintainability: Go technology is well-known for its simplicity. That is, it prioritizes important code and avoids unnecessary complexities. This simplicity feature is a bonus for beginners to gain expertise.  
  • Robust Standard Library: With an extensive set of library packages, Golang offers an easy coding experience.  
  • Multi-processor Architecture: Concurrent tools offer Goroutines and channels to manage multi-processor architecture. The multi-architecture feature enhances the scalability and reliability of large-scale applications. 
  • Agile Execution: The simple and straightforward architecture of Golang helps with agile execution during web application development. For loops in Golang facilitate continuous improvements and iterative development. Developers can easily access numerous tutorials on the internet and get started within weeks. 
  • Test-go Support: It simplifies testing of the package by writing the go-test command in the code. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the program’s stability. 
  • Fast Compilation: Golang is designed with the compiler focused on speed due to which it can achieve significant speed as compared to other languages. 
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Go Pros and Cons
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Python is a general-purpose language, meaning it has numerous uses and is significant adopted in developing web applications to machine learning AI. It is the most popular and desirable language in today’s age. Some of the applications of Python programming are web scraping applications, audio and video applications, automation and robotics, and CAD applications.

Features of Python

  • Code Easiness: Python’s extensive resources, simplicity, and readability makes it easy to learn and code language. 
  • Cost Effective: It is a free open-source language which means it is easily accessible to anyone and allows downloading and usage. 
  • Object-Oriented Language (OOP) Modal: Python uses the concepts of OOP class, objects, abstraction, and encapsulation techniques that make code efficient, secure, and easily manageable. 
  • Interpreted Language: Codes in Python run by line at a time and don’t require a compilation, which in return simplifies the debugging process. 
  • Portable Language: Python can run on various platforms such as MAC, Linux, Windows, and Unix. Developers can also leverage Python code in C and C++ language. 
Python pros and cons
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Difference between Python and Go

Go Python
Statically typed compiled language Dynamically typed language
Faster compared to Python Slower as compared to Go
Built-in concurrent mechanism No concurrent mechanism support
Go provides decent security Provides a layer of security
Best for system programming Best for data science
Easy to create complicated systems Challenging to build complex systems
Relatively easy and simple syntax Easy and simple syntax
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So Which One Is Better?

If you take productivity into consideration, then unquestionably, Go is an excellent choice. With the limited syntax and lightweight libraries, it can speed up the development process. On the other hand, Python has limitations because of its huge libraries and extensive syntax. Thus, Go technology takes the spot of being a versatile and simpler language.  

If you take machine learning into consideration, then Python is the most common choice. It is home to a deep learning framework, where algorithms, data structure, and pseudo code are frequently used. Here, pseudo-code is a boon for novices as it makes learning simple and easy. Now let’s have a look at the comparison table to know more about these two languages. 

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Language Comparisons between Go and Python

Language DifferenceProcedural language with concurrent programming supportHigh-end object-oriented programming language
ExceptionsDoes not supportSupports 
Class and ObjectDoesn’t supportSupports
InheritanceDoes not support Supports
InterfaceSupportsDoes not support 
Compiler/InterpreterIts compiler basedIts interpreter based
Built-in concurrency mechanismYes comes with itNo, it does not come with it
Best for buildingSystem ProgrammingComputing and data analysis
SimilaritiesUser-friendly and readabilityUser-friendly and readability
Best forSmall-scale projectLarge projects
Deployment SpeedTakes longer to deployLess time to deploy
Mostly Used BySystem administration and security professionalDevelopers and programmers
Execution Speed40 times more than PythonFalls short
Entry-level SalaryGo developers can make up to $119,639 – $165,750Python developers can make up to $97,500-$150,150
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Python vs. Go: Which language is worth learning in 2023?

If you look in terms of career, then Python and Go open up the path for lucrative job opportunities. Considering the career prospects, here’s the breakdown: 

In-demand: Both of these languages are in high demand for web development, machine learning, network programming, cloud computing, data analysis, and system-level deployment. So, once you get good hands-on experience with either of these two, it’s highly likely to get placed in a good organization and enjoy lucrative salaries. 

Wide range of Job Roles: By learning these languages, there are possibilities for you to be placed in a good company for the following positions:  


  • Data scientist 
  • Backend developer 
  • Game developer  
  • Network Engineer 
  • Machine learning engineer 
  • Web developer 
  • And automation engineer


  • DevOps engineer 
  • Cloud engineer 
  • System programmer 
  • Network engineer 
  • Microservices developer 

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Final Words

Python and Go are widely renowned for their simplicity and share their benefits that greatly reduce developers’ tasks. Choosing from these two can vary on factors like program effectiveness and maintenance. If your main goal is to develop the tool without compromising scalability and speed, then Go would make the ideal choice for you. But if you focus on generating scripts and tools that effectively run readability across teams, then Python is an excellent choice.

Python and Go are both equally popular in 2023. So, whatever you choose between these two, you will land up in a good company with a decent compensation. However, your passion and drive to work with cutting-edge technologies and learn new things will skyrocket your career. So, if AI and machine learning is your interest, then choose Python without any doubt. If you are keen to develop websites and mobile applications then try your luck with Go tricks. If you are looking for jobs as a Python or Golang developer, then don’t waste even a single minute and sign up with Olibr now! 


Absolutely! There are many free resources available on the internet. Learning Python does not take much time but you have to keep on practicing and apply it in real-life scenarios.

Python’s difficulty level is relatively low compared to other programming languages. It is simple and great starting point for beginners.

No exactly, Python is known for its versatility and use in various fields while it’s true that it can be used for mathematical and scientific application. But many of the core concepts and programming do not require advanced skills.

Python 3 is recommended for beginners, it has come up with better improvements in syntax and Unicode supported. So you can easily get the expertise on it.

Yes, its simple and concise syntax makes the learning way easier than you have thought.

If you have expertise in any of the programming languages, learning Golang will be just a matter of weeks.

To find the factorial program in Python, we use recursive functions and the math.factorial() Method. 

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