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Why Choose Olibr?

Elite Talent Pool

Every developer clears rigorous HackerRank Logo / Hackerearth logo tests.

Save 70%+ Time

Dive into a pre-filtered talent pool and fast-track recruitment.

Candidate Filtration

Post jobs and invite candidates. Only those who clear coding tests can apply.

What Olibr Offers?

Unlimited Job Postings

Unlock endless opportunities with our unlimited job postings feature – success is just a post away!

Database Access

Discover top talent effortlessly with our resume database access – the perfect resource to elevate your hiring game!

Online Coding Interview Platform

Maximize candidate assessments using our live coding interview platform, allowing real-time evaluation of developer skills through coding tests.

Unlimited Users

Collaborate seamlessly with your entire team, no user limits.

Candidate Filtration Tests

Assess candidates using HackerRank and HackerEarth tests.

Custom Test Evaluation

Tailor assessments to your unique criteria for precise candidate evaluation.

Hiring With Olibr Is Easy

  • 01 Discover a wide range of developers, both pre-vetted and non-vetted, to meet your unique requirements.
  • 02 Choose how you post jobs on Olibr: require upfront assessments or screen candidates after application.
  • 03 Shortlist and interview candidates directly through Olibr, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team.

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Olibr vs Other Platforms

Platform FocusSpecialized for tech talentsBroad professional networkGeneralized job portalGlobal job search
Vetting ProcessRigorous coding testsNone (self-reported skills)Resume-basedNone (self-reported)
Candidate PoolFully vetted tech candidatesAll professionalsAll professionalsAll professionals
Job PostingUnlimited job postingsLimited or premium-basedLimited or premium-basedLimited or premium-based
Skill VerificationCoding tests for applicationEndorsements (not validated)Self-reported skillsSelf-reported skills
Candidate FiltrationAutomated filtering based on test resultsManualKeyword-basedManual
Direct EngagementStreamlined process for employers and developersInMail (with limitations)Email/Chat (with limitations)Direct applications
Profile ClarityEmphasizes tech skills and achievementsGeneral professional summaryGeneral resume formatResume-based
Cost EffectivenessCompetitive pricing with clear valuePremium can be costlySubscription-basedSubscription-based
Platform UpdatesRegular, tailored to tech hiring needsBroad updatesGeneral updatesRegular broad updates
TransparencyOpen database access for clientsRestricted accessLimited viewRestricted access
Interactive FeaturesLive coding interviewsBasic chatBasic chatBasic chat
Technical FocusFocused on tech roles, ensuring better matchesAll job sectorsAll job sectorsAll job sectors

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