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Why Join Olibr ?

Vetted Opportunities

Only reputable companies seeking serious talent are onboarded, so you're exposed to quality opportunities.


Olibr is designed specifically for tech professionals, ensuring that job listings and platform features cater to your unique needs.

Skill Verification

Stand out with your verified skills through rigorous coding tests, elevating your market appeal.

Better Profile Visibility

We place your profile front and center of top employers. You get quick placements as they have easy access to your profile.

Experience Exclusivity

Join the elite Olibr community, featuring only the top 5% of exceptional developers.

Premium Pay and Perks

Olibr developers enjoy exceptional packages, including medical insurance, paid leaves, and more.

Direct Engagements

Avoid the clutter. Engage directly with potential employers, making the hiring process more efficient.

Transparent Process

Open database access ensures clarity and transparency in the hiring process.

Live Coding Interviews

Showcase your coding prowess in real-time, allowing for a dynamic evaluation that goes beyond the resume.

How to Become an Olibr Developer?


Set up your profile

Upload your resume and provide your name, location, skills, and salary details.


Complete our English proficiency assessment.

Complete our coding and English proficiency assessments.


Complete your profile

Complete your profile by presenting your work history, projects, and resume details in a polished and comprehensive manner.


Secure position

Attend online interviews with clients and land your dream job!

Who Can Be An Olibr Developer?

Cream Of The Crop

Are you a top performer in your field? Join Olibr, where we connect exceptional talent with leading companies, ensuring a perfect match.

Flexible Opportunities

Embrace full-time, freelance, or part-time tech roles - Olibr offers diverse opportunities tailored to your lifestyle.

Industry Experts

Have 3+ years of relevant experience in your work field.

Good Communication Skills

Since you will be working with top companies, having excellent communication skills is a prerequisite.

Working in Tech field

You are pursuing your career in tech field and working.

Coding Skill Tests

Be ready to spare a few hours to take our specially curated tests.

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