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Golang vs. C#: Which Language is Better to Build Applications?

by Pranisha Rai
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Golang and C# have acquired wide fame in the world of software development. Both languages attract a large audience base and offer distinctive purposes. So in this article, we will find out “Which Language is Better to Build Applications.” 

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What is C#?

C#, developed by Microsoft, is a general-purpose, high-level, compiler-based, and object-oriented programming language. It lets you develop window-based applications and web-based applications.

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Features of C#

  • InteroperabilityC# offers cross-language interoperability. That is the code produced by C# can work in tandem with the code developed using other languages. This is possible due to CLS. CLS extends a set of rules that every language in the .NET framework has to follow. The C# programs can make use of already existing COM objects, even if they are written in different programming language 
  • ScalabilityC# scales and updates automatically.  In order to update the application, you can easily remove the old files and instead replace it with new ones..
  • Structured programming language: C# is a programming language that is structured which means it enables you to separate programs into different parts using functions. This, thus, makes it easy to understand and make changes in the application.
  • Component oriented:  You can use C# as a software development methodology. This helps to develop apps that are stronger and easily scalable.
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What is Golang?

Golang is an open-source, procedural-oriented and statically typed programming language. It was developed in 2007 by Robert Grisemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Moreover, it was  later officially launched by Google in the year 2009. 

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Features of Golang

  • Cross-platform Language:  Go is compatible  to run on various platforms, such as Linux, Windows,  and macOS.
  • Static typing with a touch of dynamic typing: This feature helps find errors at compile time instead of during runtime.
  • Concurrency built-in: Go has inbuilt concurrency support. This allows you to write clean, efficient, and scalable code for distributed systems.
  • Garbage Collection: Golang comes with automatic memory management feature. This helps you to manage memory allocation and deallocation, without any hassle.
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Similarities between Golang and C#

  • Both are cross-platform language.
  • Both are cross-platform language.
  • Both offer rich collections of base-class libraries. 
  • C# is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs)and .Net framework.
  • C# is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs)and .Net framework.
  • C# inherit class styling from Java. 
  • Both possess modular programming architecture.
  • Golang memory management is more primitive than C#.
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Go vs. C#: Which language is preferred by experienced programmers?

Golang and C# share pretty much share similar similarities. However, C# is an ideal option for programmers with prior knowledge of C++ and Java. Because syntax will be similar and makes learning super easy. While C# is advantageous for programmers with a background in Java and C++, it may not be suitable for  complex projects.  

Though learning C# language is pretty straightforward, it still takes a lot of time to master advanced programs with C#.  If in case you’re working with Windows, C# will perfectly align with your project requirements. Since it is a Microsoft language it goes well with Windows applications.   

Also, if you are looking an efficient language for mobile apps, games, and back-end development then the C#.Net framework is the ultimate choice for you. Plus, you will have a large community support for error handling will be a boon for you. 

On the other hand, Golang is simpler than C# for programmers with a background in C. Even a novice can grasp it easily. Unlike, C# there’s no need to write large lines of code. Also, if you are well-versed in other programming languages then getting expertise in Golang will be a cakewalk for you. 

Besides, Golang offers a standard library that helps to handle massive workloads. This is the reason large projects, cloud services, and network servers work well with the Golang ecosystem. However, since it’s still new in the market, there is little community support. Ultimately, Golang makes the competitive choice for developers in cross-platform work and web development, and C# will be the best choice for Windows, Linux, and Mac applications.

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Performance wise they both excel as compared to the other interpreted languages such as Python and JavaScript. That said, their strengths vary, the table shows their performance differences: 

LightweightDue to its .Net Framework makes viable options for Linux and MAC
Low resources make compile-time checks, and memory management smooth Garbage collector frees up memory that is not in use
No complex syntaxExceptional error handling
Static typing boosts performanceHeavier features make it slow
Compiles into machine native binaryClass and functions can be defined in any order
Small memory footprintsAutomatic initialization of variable
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Statistics of Golang and C# in Terms of Salary

Ranked 2nd in Stack OverflowRanked 18th Stack Overflow
Annual salary of a Go developer in 2023 is $140kAnnual salary of a C# developer in 2023 is $110k
Globally ranked 3rdGlobally ranked 12th
As per global, report annually makes $74KAs per global, report annually makes $57K
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So Which Language is Better to Build a Web Application?

build web app language

Both C#.Net and Golang have the capacity to work in web development. 

C# uses a single code base with backend development. By using the C#.Net Framework, one can leverage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for front-end development. Microsoft has developed the Blazer framework to build more interactive web applications for browsers. Therefore, the Blazer framework maximizes the capabilities of using C# in front-end development. 

C# works best with the Windows environment and naturally thrives as a Windows language. Hence, it doesn’t match with the Golang independence.  

On the contrary, Golang handles the largest and most complex servers around the globe, making it a remarkable choice for a substantial scale of back-end development. Its standard library lets developers build entire web servers without third-party software support. Moreover, Golang supports JSON, templates, and full HTTP packages. 

Golang outperforms multithreading systems with static typing and automatic garbage collector. Whereas, C# is versatile in terms of third-party software, creating a multithreaded app would be a painstaking task.

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General Comparison Table

PerformanceCompiles code into native binaries that are bound to OSCodes are cross-platform binaries with .NET core runtime
Code easinessLess code focuse. More efficient with  debuggingC# newer versions come with autocomplete and dynamic features
Error handlingErrors in Go are just values returned by functionsUses try, catch, and finally into the pattern
Backend developmentAPI such as REST, GraphQL, and gRPCWeb applications, backend, API, and distributed systems
UsageDistributed network services, cloud-native development, standalone tools, news outlets, and media platformMAC, iOS, Android, and Linux
CompaniesDocker, Dropbox, and NetflixDelivery Hero, Intuit, and Alibaba Travels
Jobs AvailabilityRelatively fewer job opportunitiesMore jobs available
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C# vs. Golang: Which is good for Game Development?

C# is renowned for the Unity game engine. .Net being a part of the Microsoft Game Stack comes with an extensive suite and services for game development. Thus, C# shines with its versatility in game development! 

Alternatively, Golang offers decent performance in terms of game development. However, it’s not adopted by many due to its standard library with limited support. To build a game through Golang, you need to create anything that you want including handle input initialize graphics API, and various other platform details. On top of that, Golang isn’t an object-oriented model which makes it more complex for developers to write game logic. 

Generally, the OOP language is well-suited for building games. Thus, C# makes a champion in the game space.   

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Final Verdict:

If you want to work as a Windows programmer or a game developer, then C# aligns best with your career prospects. But if your wish is to learn a new language in a short period then Golang is the best choice for you. Once you gain expertise in Golang, it open doors for wide potential for future work. Overall, these two are the two popular languages that provide tremendous skills to outshine in server-side development. 

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