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What to Expect from ChatGPT 5?

Everything you need to know about ChaGPT 5 - Launch date, Features, Pricing, and Tools

by Snehal Naik
What to Expect from ChatGPT 5
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Over the 16 months since its debut in November 2022, ChatGPT has earned popularity with all kinds of users. From having just a few million active users monthly to being virally adopted by major industries, ChatGPT is everywhere today. OpenAI is set to launch GPT 5 soon. Let’s see what the new GPT model has in store for us.  

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What is GPT 5?

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a deep learning-based language model designed to produce text that resembles human writing. ChatGPT 5 is the latest version of OpenAI’s language model technology expected to launch in the first quarters of 2024. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claims that ChatGPT5 will make you feel like you are communicating with a person rather than a machine.

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OpenAI GPT Models

Models Description
GPT-5 Under development, available Q1 2024
GPT-4 A set of models that improve on GPT-3.5 and can understand as well as generate natural language or code
GPT-3.5 A set of models that improve on GPT-3 and can understand as well as generate natural language or code
GPT-3 A set of models that can understand and generate natural language
TTS A set of models that can convert text into natural sounding spoken audio
DALL·E A model that can generate and edit images given a natural language prompt
Whisper/td> A model that can convert audio into text
Embeddings A set of models that can convert text into a numerical form
Codex A set of models that can understand and generate code, including translating natural language to code
Moderation A fine-tuned model that can detect whether text may be sensitive or unsafe

Source: ChatGPT 

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ChatGPT-5 Features

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman offered the following promising features in ChatGPT 5.

ChatGPT-5 Features

Extended Context Window

GPT-5 is expected to increase its current window to remain competitive. This will enhance its ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, including hours of audio or thousands of lines of code. 

Advanced Reasoning Capabilities

GPT-5 is expected to have better reasoning abilities compared to the earlier versions. This could dramatically improve its reliability and accuracy and improve its applicability across industries that have stringent accuracy requirements. 

Increased Personalization

GPT-5 is expected to allow more tailored interactions based on individual user data. This will enhance personalization features for users. This upgrade could make interactions with AI more relevant and personalized. 

Improved Inference Speed and Latency

This means quicker response times, which could make conversations with AI feel more natural and immediate. As a result, ChatGPT could offer more user satisfaction in voice-operated applications. 

Expanded Vision Capabilities

GPT-5 might use the advancements in vision AI to improve the understanding and processing of images and videos. This could open new doors for AI applications in visual data analysis and interaction. 

Enhanced Memory Capabilities

GPT-5 is expected to have improved memory functions, which will allow it to retain and reference past interactions effectively. This might help have clearer conversations over time. 


According to Sam Altman, GPT-5 could integrate various input and output modes like text, speech, and images more seamlessly. This is a huge step in making AI interactions more versatile and user-friendly. 

Advanced Coding Capabilities

GPT-5 is expected to offer improved coding assistance capabilities, increasing importance of AI in software development. 

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What to Expect from ChatGPT 5?

One of the major differences between ChatGPT 4 and the earlier models is that ChatGPT 5 will expand the use of multiple input methods. It is expected to be the brainstorming partner of users seeking to finish complex tasks in a sophisticated manner.  

Here is what you can expect from ChatGPT 5:  

  • GPT-5 will be the fifth version of the GPT language model by OpenAI. 
  • It will utilize personal data to understand emails, calendars, and integrate with external data sources.  
  • It is expected to have improved ability to understand user intent and fulfill user’s needs.  
  • It is expected to generate human-like text with its improved natural language processing ability.  
  • ChatGPT 5 is expected to solve complex problems with more accuracy.   
  • It will use more data to train on processing text and image inputs in the future.  
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ChatGPT 5 Tools

ChatGPT 5 Tools

Chrome Extensions

LINER: This is a ChatGPT Google Assistant to help you with reading. It highlights, saves, organizes, and offers recommendations for your reading habits. You can use it to start a live discussion anywhere on the web, PDF & YouTube. Liner AI Copilot can also write email drafts for you on Gmail. 

ChatGPT for Google: This tool is expected to enhance your browsing experience by displaying ChatGPT response alongside search engine results. It helps you get accurate and concise answers to your questions within the search engine interfaces used by you. 

Engage AI: This tool helps you come up with insightful comments to make your social media presence impactful. For example, the ChatGPT LinkedIn Chrome Extension can help you establish meaningful interactions and produce compelling ideas for LinkedIn.  

AIPRM for ChatGPT: It helps you use curated prompt templates to help you with efficient marketing strategies for your business. You can plan monthly blog calendars, draft SEO articles, send professional emails, and even close sales leads with this tool.  

Ghostwrite: This plugin works with Outlook, Gmail, and Zendesk. It generates full-length emails, automatically corrects grammar and spelling, and drafts email replies. You can also save and reuse the email templates generated by AI.  

WordPress Plugins

WPBot: It is a simple tool that can be used as a plug n’ play AI ChatBot for WordPress. It is powered by DialogFlow or OpenAI ChatGPT) and doesn’t require any coding. It has built-in features to help you answer questions and collect data without any extra cost.  

AI Engine: This allows you to create ChatGPT-like chatbots with different features and behaviors. You can use it to generate content and images. It also offers quick title suggestions and excerpts and tracks your OpenAI usage stats.  

AutoWriter: This plugin generates articles based on the titles you input. It will also create a table of contents with headings, blog content, and a cover for your posts. It can generate content in the language of your choice. 

JetBrains IDE Plugins

ChatGPT – EasyCode: This allows you to use ChatGPT inside the IDE with codebase indexing. It generates context aware code suggestions and explanations. EasyCode also offers custom prompts and lets you save and export conversation history. 

Bito AI: This plugin allows you to use ChatGPT to write code, fix bugs, and create test cases. It can be used to get AI-powered code completions within your IDE. Bito AI allows users to review, accept, and reject code and view and continue past chat conversations. You can use your local language to chat using this plugin.  

NexChatGPT: This tool is currently only used by programmers in mainland China and requires a WeChat account as a prerequisite. The makers of this tool might develop more globally oriented plugins in the future. 

Figma Plugins

Scribe AI: This Figma Community plugin is used to create UX, marketing, and legal copy for designs. It also helps create placeholder reviews and file names. 

MagiCopy: This is an AI text generator that gives you marketing copies in 14 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese.  

CraftAI: It is a resume and portfolio writer that helps users create designer resumes and portfolios. It allows bullet points and writes better UX case studies.  

RealContent: This plugin helps you add live content from your content management system directly into Figma. 

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When will ChatGPT 5 be Released?

On a recent Lex Fridman Podcast, Sam Altman said that ChatGPT 5 will be released in 2024. The anticipated features suggest that GPT 5 will be a huge leap from GPT 4, with improved accuracy, personalization, and user interaction across various applications. However, despite its anticipated advancements, there are a few features that are not anticipated in GPT-5, such as advanced agent-based interactions and music generation. However, we can assume that more features might appear in later versions. If you are a developer interested in AI and ML and looking for exciting job opportunities, sign up with Olibr now to learn more. 

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ChatGPT’s full form is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. ChatGPT is a pre-trained large language model and a prominent framework for generative artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT Playground is a web-based AI tool with pre-built AI models like GPT-3 and GPT-4. It allows developers to experiment with different GPT Models and parameters to produce the needed output. 

AIPRM is a prompt management library to help users improve output from AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT.

There was a lot of speculation about an updated version to be rolled out as ChatGPT 4.5. However, Sam Altman confirmed on X that the information circulating about GPT 4.5 is not legitimate. 

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