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Should I learn Flutter in 2024?

Is Learning Flutter Worth It?

by Pranisha Rai
Should I learn Flutter
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Flutter’s popularity has been steadily increasing since its release, and it is the most loved tool. Over 69.03 % of developers use it for app development. Many businesses are shifting to cross-platform development, and some startups have already spent $75 on web and mobile developers. Thus, Flutter provides a cost-effective approach that can accelerate the time to market. Therefore, learning Flutter can open many exciting opportunities for career growth. In this blog, we will delve into its standout features, popularity, and future predictions for Flutter. 

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Flutter in Brief

Flutter is developed by Google as an open-source software development kit (SDK). It allows you to build native-like apps for Android and iOS. Flutter uses Dart as its official programming language to add logic and behavior to apps. It provides a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled widgets, which makes app development easy and fun. Millions of users from all around the globe use Flutter apps. In fact, Google, the creator of Flutter, is quite smitten by the capabilities of Flutter and uses the language to build a wide range of Google products.

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What Makes Flutter Relevant in 2024?

•-Hot Reload

 Flutter provides a unified codebase solution for cross-platform app development. This will keep the relevance of Flutter intact in the coming years. According to Stack Overflow report, Flutter is one among the top 10 languages loved by over 64% of developers. Statista data for 2022 also shows that 9.12% of developers are already using it for app development. This figure shows the high demand for Flutter developers now and in the years to come. Therefore, Flutter is a practical and relevant choice for app development. 

The following are a few reasons that make Flutter relevant in 2024: 

  • Hot Reload: Hot Reload helps developers change the code with ease and instantly view the changes. This allows Flutter developers to quickly resolve bugs while also monitoring their workflow better. 
  • HQ Widgets: Flutter uses widgets to create a visually appealing UI. This widget follows the principles of Google Material Design and Cupertino. As a result, this widget library gives the app an edgy and sophisticated visual to meet the requirements of every customer request. Another best thing about Flutter is that developers can add widgets to personalize and keep the performance intact. 
  • Modular Software Design: Since Flutter is a software development kit (SDK), it can compile native code efficiently. Developers only need to compile code once and use it for multiple apps. This makes the development process pretty simple. Another incredible thing about Flutter is that you can switch between source code based on any specific platform. This way, apps work much faster.
  • Platform-Specific Features: Developers can access the native features while writing code in Objective-C, Kotlin, and Swift. Adding cool platform-specific features to apps is simple and easy. API integration promotes efficiency, scalability, and a more responsive user experience. 
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Popular Apps Built Using Flutter

The use of Flutter has been increasing on a large scale. In 2012, it had over 150,000 apps. With the release of Flutter 3, the number of Flutter apps increased to 500,000. This figure shows the key improvements in Flutter app development.

The following are the popular Flutter apps: 


AirDash: This is a file-sharing app that has adopted Flutter for smooth cross-platform functionality and improved operational efficiency. This app provides a simple and secure way to transfer files across various platforms. 


Betterment: An online investing company relies on Flutter to better manage its mobile code base without impacting the customer experience. Betterment has more than 400,000 user accounts and 26 billion assets under management. 

Ebays Motors: It is a popular automobile app is built using Flutter. Users can buy and sell vehicles, find new listings, and connect with buyers and sellers. 

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile: It is a video game that has features like gameplay clip sharing. To maintain this feature for different codebases, PUBG Mobile transitioned to Flutter. 

The New York Times: Popular American news apps leverage Flutter for its cross-platform compatibility. NYT has been searching for ways to provide better experiences and engage readers, and Flutter stands out as the perfect choice for them. 


MyBMW: This app uses Flutter to provide one solution to manage car ownership with a better user experience. Car owners can lock, unlock, locate, and monitor with just one tap from their app.

Sono: It is a popular music streaming app that started using Flutter in 2020 to increase its development capabilities. Not only that, but to integrate the sound, animations, transitions, and walkthroughs, Flutter made it simple. 

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What's New in Flutter 3.19?

With the latest release of 3.19, there has been a remarkable advancement in the Flutter journey. Flutter’s latest version 3.19 further streamlines the app development process with natively compiled applications that work across platforms from a single codebase. 

The following are the improved features in Flutter 3.19: 

  • Improved Performance: Flutter’s latest version 3.19 comes up with better performance than older versions. This means Flutter developers can create animation smoothly with the must-fast application start-up time. 
  • Improved platform support: Another improvement for Flutter 3.19 is extending its platform support. This version of Flutter strengthened its compatibility support, and developers can target more developers using this version of Flutter. 
  • Boost Developer Productivity: Flutter 3.19 has come up with so many exciting features that not only streamline the development process but also make the code more efficient. Its updated Dart SDK improves the readability and maintainability of the code. 
  • UI Enhancement: The latest version of Flutter’s 3.19 has updated Material Design and Cupertino widgets, offering a versatile toolkit. This enables Flutter developers to create expressive and dynamic UI on any platform. 
  • Ecosystem Growth: Flutter 3.19 has many new packages and plugins available. This will help developers build more apps without having to write the code from scratch.
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Standout Features of Flutter

Flutter, without a doubt, offers many distinctive features that set it apart from other app development programming languages. But the following are some of the standout features of Flutter that make it an attractive choice among developers: 

Features of Flutter
  • Cross-platform compatibility: For obvious reasons, this one takes the first spot in the list of the most standout features of Flutter. Since demand for cross-platform app development is increasing, Flutter has already established its position in this domain. App developers can write code once and run it on Android, iOS, and the web. This reduces the time and effort significantly, which is why developers use Flutter for app development.  
  • Native-like Performance: The Flutter SDK can compile the native code, which gives the app a native look and feel. Usually, most cross-platform tools rely on the JavaScript bridge, but Flutter doesn’t have any reliance or dependencies on the JavaScript bridge or web views. Instead, it leverages the robust programming language Dart. That allows for the building of high-quality apps in a reactive and declarative programming style. On top of that, code reusability minimizes bugs and errors.  
  • Customizable Widgets:  Widgets in Flutter are the building blocks for creating a visually appealing and interactive UI. This highly customizable widget allows developers to create basic buttons and text inputs for complex animations and custom designs with ease.
  • User-Friendly Toolkit: By using the toolkit, developers can create a stunning UI on the fly. Flutter’s widget-based architecture enables developers to customize design elements. Pre-designed widgets give a consistent look across different platforms. Thus, Flutter developers will end up creating visually appealing UIs.
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Future Predictions for Flutter App Development

Flutter allows developers to create lightning-fast apps with remarkable performance for web, Android, and iOS apps. In 2024, if you’re not using Flutter, then you’re missing out on significant benefits. If you’re considering hiring a Flutter developer, then this is the perfect time and reap all the benefits. Now let’s delve into each point to see the future trends and predictions for Flutter in 2024: 

Flutter Future and Predictions
  • Flutter Integration with IoT: Flutter is one of the most versatile tools for app development. That makes it a viable option to integrate with the emerging technology of the IoT. But that’s not all; technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning are also fields Flutter can integrate well. In this upcoming year, Flutter developers can get the APIs, libraries, and plugins to smoothly integrate with these emerging technologies and open the possibilities of innovation in app development. 
  • Flutter with Blockchain: Blockchain technology has revolutionized financial transactions. Today, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and Ethereum have become the most secure mediums to transfer cash. This requires more added security and user-friendly mobile wallets to manage digital assets. Therefore, blockchain can take advantage of Flutter’s single codebase and create top-class apps in the future. As we know, security is paramount in blockchain, and Flutter fits it perfectly here. Because it follows secure coding practices and libraries to implement robust security measures within the wallet application. 
  • Build Desktop Applications: In the future, we may witness that Flutter can be used to build robust desktop applications. That will mark a significant turning point for Flutter, as it can be used beyond app development. Flutter can improve features like system tray integration and native window management to interact seamlessly with desktop systems. With this improvement, we can use Flutter to build robust desktop apps for diverse needs. 
  • Increased Adoption of Flutter in Industries: Since industries are looking for ways to deploy apps more quickly, this is where the Flutter shared codebase makes it an attractive option for businesses to deploy apps across different platforms. Due to this, it is highly likely for enterprises to invest more in Flutter for more efficient use of resources and a quicker return on investment. Thus, the increased adoption of Flutter shifts towards a cost-effective approach for app development. 
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Final Verdict

With the rise of Flutter in mobile app development, there has been an increased demand for skilled Flutter developers lately. By learning Flutter in 2024, you can stay relevant and up to date with the new skills. Whether you’re new to Flutter app development or an expert in Flutter, Flutter skills will add value to your resume and provide a competitive edge in the job market. These days, many companies are in search of Flutter developers to build cross-platform applications. So, why don’t you opt for Flutter development and be part of a growing industry? If you’re a Flutter developer and searching for remote roles, then sign up with Olibr now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emapt is the top Flutter app development company in India and has over a decade of domain experience. PixelCrayons is also one of the top-rated Flutter development companies that offers top-notch services to their clients. 

The best thing about Flutter animation is that it can tweak the content and directly apply it to the UI. It also sets the transition patterns, which help users navigate the app. 

Yes, there are many beginner-friendly Flutter projects. But to get started, try out these first: food delivery apps, scientific calculator apps, digital wallets, and simple user login screens. 

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