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C# vs JavaScript: Which Language Is the Best for Your Business Needs?

by Pranisha Rai
C# vs JS programming for business
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C# and JavaScript are completely different programming languages that serve different purposes. JavaScript is used for client-side development and C# is used to build standalone software. Both languages are poles apart in terms of their usage, objectives, and end goals. Today, in this article, we will find out the differences between JavaScript and C# to help you determine which language is best for your business needs. 

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is used along with HTML and CSS for front-end web development. These three together make the front end of the website visually appealing HTML and CSS alone cannot add interactivity and dynamic changes as it lacks a programming mechanism. This is where JavaScript comes to play a crucial role in implementing the programming concept such as adding functionalities, interactivity, and validation to your webpage. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are the “3 musketeers” without these “Three Trios”, webpages will appear dull and sluggish

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Let’s Understand the Concept of JavaScript with a Brief Example

Let’s say you want to show a popup message whenever the user clicks on a signup button. To do so, you need JavaScript because HTML and CSS don’t have programming properties. Thus, JavaScript allows web developers to create a function and call it. In this case, developers can create a function called the “OnClick” property and call it, whenever the user clicks on the signup button. Apart from this, JavaScript also helps to conduct the validation for email addresses, passwords, etc. Therefore, JavaScript is an integral part of web development. The following are some of the basic use cases of JavaScript: 

  • Slideshows 
  • Interactive maps 
  • Pop-up windows 
  • Web games 
  • Form validation
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Is Java and JavaScript Same?

No! Java is a standalone language that supports Object-Oriented features and runs on JVM machines. JavaScript, on the other hand, is a lightweight scripting language, which doesn’t support Object-Oriented features. It plays a pivotal role in adding interactivity and elegance to your HTML code.  

Most importantly, JavaScript follows the principle of prototype. The second major difference between these two languages is that Java runs its code on a JDK kit and JavaScript relies on web browsers to run its code.  

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Interesting Facts About JavaScript

  • Considered a “Cool” client-side development language. 
  • With the introduction of Node.js, JavaScript is used to build backend as well. 
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks are expanding regularly, which can contribute largely to faster development. 
  • Using JavaScript, developers can create a mutually responsive map that displays everything from directions, ratings, restaurants, and hotels near you while back-end developers can smoothly use Node.js to handle and manage user requests. 
  • According to the Stack Overflow data survey, JavaScript holds 1st position as the most-used programming language with over 64% of developers voting for it. 
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Businesses Leverage JavaScript for the Following Reasons

business leverage javascript

JavaScript is not limited to the end-users nowadays; businesses can do so much more with JavaScript. A powerful React.js is a JavaScript library that helps to quickly build a GUI for apps. Similarly, Redux is another JavaScript framework that aids in testing applications across various web browsers. When JavaScript is combined with Node.js these both form a “Powerful Duo” for the backend development.  

The following are some of the domains where businesses can use JavaScript for improvements:

  • Web Applications: The one important area where businesses need to give more focus is browsers. Day by day we are noticing notable changes in browsers. As the browser continues to evolve JavaScript demand keeps on increasing for building reliable web apps. A prominent example is Google Maps. Google uses JavaScript to create a map for users. This map provides a convenient way to find places, locations, restaurants near you, directions to the desired destinations, and many more.
  • Mobile Apps: JavaScript offers frameworks to make progressive mobile apps. One of the popular frameworks for mobile app development is React Native. Businesses can create some impressive apps that can work on all operating systems using React Native. Apart from React Native, businesses can also use Angular, and PhoneGap for mobile app development. A prime example of this scenario is Spotify, a popular music streaming app that uses JavaScript for mobile app development.
  • Simple Web Games: Businesses can improve the engagement and interactivity of websites by creating web games. Through JavaScript, businesses can create simple web games such as HexGL (a racing game) and Mk.Js (which is similar to Mortal Kombat and Tekken). Though it cannot create complicated games like the C# Unity engine, these simple games are enough to captivate users with their addictive nature.
  • Server Applications: Node.js helps JavaScript to manage HTTP requests and offers the environment to operate on servers. This is one of the bonus points for businesses that use JavaScript. LinkedIn is one of the notable names that use JavaScript with Node.js for seamless data sharing.
  • Deep Learning: deeplearn.js, ConvNetJS, and brain.jsto, are three libraries to train neural networks in the browsers. JavaScript is a popular scripting language; thus, it can be used to research and implement deep learning techniques. 
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Companies that Use JavaScript

Many big companies use JavaScript to add validations and interactive activities. But this is only a bit of an iceberg, business uses JavaScript for various purposes. Have a look at the following big companies that use JavaScript: 

  • Google: One of the leading search engine companies is an avid fan of JavaScript. It relies on JavaScript to improve user experience on web and mobile apps. 
  • Microsoft: The Premier software giant company has built “Edge Brower” using JavaScript. 
  • LinkedIn: A well-known job-seeking platform built using JavaScript. 
  • Netflix: Among all digital video streaming platforms, Netflix is the second most popular video streaming service. It heavily depends on JavaScript to create a fault-tolerant service so that users can enjoy endless entertainment. 
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What is C#?

C# is one of the members of the “Mainstream Languages”, C and C++. It is widely used to build standalone applications and software. Big organizations and industries heavily rely on C# for server-side development. Besides, C #’s common uses include building Windows applications and game development. For more deeper insight on C# check through this another page and understand the language in detail,  What is C#? And What It is Used for? And the Difference between C and C#. 

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Why Businesses Use C#?

C# is the general-purpose programming language used to write programs for creating video games, server-side for web pages, and mobile apps. It offers tons of features and functionalities suitable for building a wide range of applications. The following are some of the benefits of using C#:

  • Task Automation: The latest version of C#, 10.0, along with the .NET Core can handle numerous tasks that were not possible a few years ago. Now, a developer can use C# to automate tasks such as data processing, system administration, and file manipulation. Businesses can also use C# to avoid repetitive tasks.
  • Web Development: C# provides an environment suitable for creating interactive and scalable web applications. Businesses can use C# along with ASP. Net to interact with databases and handle user input.
  • IoT Solution: If businesses need to create an application that can easily interact with devices, sensors, and IoT components, C# is the best solution. Developers can take help from Microsoft platforms Azure and create an application. In fact, C# is widely used to build IoT solutions for healthcare, manufacturing industries, and home automation.
  • Desktop Application: C# provides a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework to create impressive and feature-rich desktop applications. It also provides APIs and libraries for rapid application, which is beneficial for business.
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Companies that Use C#

C# is one of the oldest languages but despite that it is still popular among developers. Let’s check out some of the top-tier corporations that use C#.

  • ServiceTiTan: A platform well-known for trading uses C# for Android development and web applications.
  • Microsoft: One of the leading software giant companies created C# to meet the growing demands of web applications. It uses C# to develop Windows web services, Games, and applications.
  • Accenture: A well-known technological and consultant service is in search of skilled C# developers to work with Microsoft-based applications. 
  • Inviate: A biotech company well-known for its medical genetic testing. This company is looking for software engineers who are experts in conducting custom test automation frameworks in C#. 
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C# vs JavaScript

The table highlights the difference between these two powerful languages.

C# JavaScript
It runs under the .NET framework; an ideal choice for creating standalone web applications/desktop applications and servers It runs on browsers
C#’s newer version supports autocomplete and dynamic typing to catch errors that speed up the development It is more verbose and tedious with no additional support for faster code execution
It follows the principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP); where classes, objects, and inheritances are key features JavaScript also supports the OOP concept.  But uses “Object” in a dynamic manner
C# is not platform independent JavaScript is platform-independent; web developers can write a script once and run it on multiple web browsers
C# code is translated into machine code by the compiler before its execution JavaScript is an interpreted language; its code is executed line-by-line. Thus, it doesn’t generate syntactic errors during runtime
Automatic error detection contributes to code consistency and flexibility Less stable than C#
Developers need to declare the data types and return type before writing the main program It is more flexible; variables can change dynamically during runtime
C# is in demand today, but one needs to understand REST API ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, Unity, Xamarin, WPF, Windows Forms, .NET Core, Mono, and all major SDK cloud platforms JavaScript’s wide use cases across various domains makes it more popular than C#

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In Conclusion

Both languages are popular and widely used for various domains, but JavaScript runs on the web, and C# runs under the .NET framework. C# is used for server-side development, whereas JavaScript is crucial for maintaining the interactivity and dynamic changes for the front end. These languages are incomparable in terms of functionalities and goals, both can provide maximum value to businesses. C# could be your best option for creating complex software/ large software. JavaScript with its engaging interactivity on your web page can provide the best impression on your websites that can add value to your business. However, the ultimate decision comes down to the project requirement. So, if you’re looking to hire a JavaScript or C# developer, then sign up with Olibr.


JavaScript provides numerous frameworks that can help you to create dynamic and interactive websites.

Both of the languages are the most suitable for different projects. You can go for C# if you want to build mobile apps, desktop apps, and server-side. JavaScript would be an excellent option for building interactive websites.

JavaScript does not support multithreading and lacks concurrency. A minor bug or error can stop the JavaScript code on your webpage.

No, they are not the same thing, C# is the programming language and .NET is the framework. But C# is the primary language that works under the .NET framework.

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