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Best Object Oriented Programming Languages in 2023

by Pranisha Rai
Object oriented programming languages cover
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Many programming languages have emerged and slowly faded away in the ever evolving software development world. But, despite all odds, Object-Oriented Programming languages (OOP) stood the test of time. Its robust features and versatility continue to shape modern-day software development. One can create a wide range of apps including mobile apps, e-commerce sites, games, desktop apps, web apps, and even use it for scientific computing. This article explores the “Best Object-Oriented Programming Languages in 2023”, which will surely help you stay relevant in the industry. So let’s dive right into it! 

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Java is a multi-platform, high-level, network-centric, object-oriented language invented in the year 1991. One of the popular choices in modern-day software development, it is well-known for its simplicity and ease of use. It follows the concept of WORA, which means developers can write the code and run it on any platform.

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Java tops the list of best OOP language. Why?

Java being a well-established and versatile language has a variety of uses, but it excels the most in the following fields: 

  • It has inbuilt tools PhoneGap and Xamarin that contribute largely to mobile app development. 
  • It is a go-to choice for creating large-scale applications. It provides frameworks such as JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java Persistence API (JPA), and Java Message Service (JMS) through which you can create an application for finance systems, healthcare systems, supply chain management systems, and banking. 
  • IoT application developers use it for development, due to its lightweight and scalable solutions. 
  • It is popular for game development. 
  • Developers use it to create e-commerce sites, social media, and enterprise-level systems. 
  • Lastly, it is also used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for data analysis and processing tools. Deeplearning4j, H2O.ai, and Apache Spark are popular frameworks for Java to develop AI/ML applications.
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What is Java Not Good for?

Java stands out as the best language for object-oriented there are a few applications that it’s not suitable for:

  • Not a good option for system programming as it lacks the interaction with kernel development and embedded systems programming.
  • Not suitable with the application that requires direct access and control of hardware.
  • Not a great choice for operating system development, due to its dependency on Java Virtual Machine.
  • Not the best choice for high-frequency trading systems.
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C# is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language released in the year 2002. It can run on .Net Framework and Microsoft. Moreover, developers can use C# to build web applications, Windows store, web services, enterprise software, Windows applications, and mobile apps. 

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What is C# Good for?

According to popularity programming language index report, C# held the 4th position and also appeared in the TIOBE Index on the list of the top 10 programming languages. It is widely used for the following applications:

  • In game development. Some famous games built using C# include Unity Game Engine and Rimworld.  
  • A great option for website development. 
  • For task automation software; you must have a visual studio installed in your system. 
  • It provides Xamarin framework and cross-platform compatibility for smooth mobile app development. 
  • It is a perfect choice for creating desktop apps for Window. 
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What is C# Not Good for?

While C# has dominated the market with its versatility, it may not be suitable for some applications: 

  • Not suitable for low-level programming. 
  • Not a good choice for real-time applications due to its common language runtime. 
  • Even though it is cross-platform compatible, it is not a preferred choice for Linux or macOS. 
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Ruby is an open-source, highly portable, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language created in the year 1990s and released publicly in the year 1995. It is well-regarded for its flexibility and simplicity for building static websites, web servers, data processing servers, DevOps, and automation tools. If you want to boot your application with Ruby, you need to consider the Ruby on Rails application framework. This framework consists of pre-defined Ruby code, which is enough to handle file handling, communication, and database connection. Thus, you don’t need to worry about tedious tasks but rather focus more on solving problems.

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Companies that use Ruby

  • GitHub
  • Instacart
  • SoundCloud
  • Apple
  • Basecamp
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Airbnb
  • Twitter
  • Bloomberg
  • Weather channel 
  • ZenDesk
  • Hulu
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Where You Should Avoid Ruby?

 Although Ruby is associated with big tech giants, there are still a few limitations: 

  • It won’t be the best choice for server-side development. 
  • Not a top pick for managing Domain Name Systems (DNS). 
  • Comparatively, it’s slower to operate on high computational application that requires speed and efficiency. 
  • It’s also not a good choice for scaling complex and large applications. 

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C++ is the foundation for many programming languages. It was invented in the year 1979, Later in 1983, its first version was released. It supports both procedural functional and object-oriented programming. C++ ranks 4th on the TIOBE Index, among the world’s most popular languages. Almost every application that we use today is built using C++

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What is C++ Best Recommended for?

C++ is used for various applications development:

  • It is an ideal choice for developing operating systems. 
  • It is a primary choice for game development. 
  • It is widely used for routers, telephone switches, and space probes. 
  • It is suitable for embedded systems such as medical equipment and smartwatches. 
  • It is the best option for creating 3D visuals projects. 
  • It is a commonly used language for backend development advanced Computation and Graphics 
  • Also, it is used to build banking applications and database management systems. 
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When Should You Avoid C++?

The following are the few things where you should avoid C++. 

  • Firstly, you should avoid using C++, when the application needs the utmost security. 
  • It might not be suitable for devices with less memory. 
  • Lastly, not the best choice for projects that need built-in support for multithreading.
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Applications Built using C++

The following are the real-life applications that are built using C++:

  • A popular music streaming app, Spotify’s backend is developed in C++. 
  • Our all-time favorite YouTube app’s processing function is written in C++. 
  • One of the leading e-commerce apps, Amazon is also written in C++
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PHP is an open-source, server-side, general-purpose language developed in the year 1994. It is mainly used for backend development. As per the tech survey report, 79% of websites use PHP, making it one of the leading choices for object-oriented language in modern-day software development. Using PHP as a server-side language, one can create a wide range of web applications. 

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What is PHP Best for?

  • A perfect choice to create a content management system (CMS). 
  • Preferred options for APIs for mobile development. 
  • The most preferred choice for building e-commerce sites. 
  • Social media platform heavily relies on PHP to handle sessions and cookies. 
  • Its simplicity is an added benefit for blogs and news websites. 
  • The best option for real-time application. 
  • It can easily interact with databases and efficiently handle data stream which is increasing popularity in IoT. 
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Famous Sites that Use PHP

  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
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What PHP is Not Best for?

Although PHP’s versatility enables us to excel in a wide range of use cases, it doesn’t make it universally perfect for all applications. The following are some of the few things that: 

  • A big no for an enterprise-grade application that requires multi-threading. 
  • Not an ideal option for data streaming and functional programming. 
  • It is not suitable for building the frontend of the mobile application. 
  • Not the best option for an application that requires CPU-intensive tasks.
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Final Verdict

Now, you know what are the best object-oriented languages in 2023. Before you pick your best object-oriented language, be clear about the objective of your project and requirements, then consider one of the best object-oriented programming languages in 2023 from this article. Most importantly, your expertise in the language matters a lot. If you’re at a beginner level, you may start with the simple language first and slowly pick the advanced language.


Yes, it the most commonly used object oriented language, due to its vast amount of resources and libraries. Plus, it’s easy to use and has a large active community.

Over the year, we have witnessed many new approaches implemented to design computer programs such as reactive and functional programming. However, OOPs still remain relevant due to their unique features such as inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction. Therefore, these features are still used in software development and various programming. Nevertheless, its relevance may vary on the specific use case of your project.

No, it is a prototyping-based object-oriented programming language that interprets attributes using constructor functions.

Java is considered a  complete object-oriented language. Everything in Java is defined as an object even a primitive data type too. Even when you write the Hello World program, you don’t need to create a class.

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