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The Top 10 Reasons for You to Learn Java in 2024

by Pranisha Rai
The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Java Programming in 2024
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Java has been around for more than a decade now, but the language is still in demand and sought-after today. Although the language experience slowed down in the past, the introduction of groundbreaking changes and improvements in later versions of Java brought the language back into the limelight. Also, language versatility, scalability, and adaptability make it a robust tool for building enterprise-level applications. However, that’s only half of Java’s capabilities. It is used to build almost everything, from IoT solutions to big data, mobile applications, and many more. It won’t be wrong to say that Java is pretty much everywhere. Today, this article will walk you through the top 10 reasons for you to learn Java programming in 2024. 

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Why is Java an Important Programming Language?

Well, Java, at its core, is an object-oriented programming language and brings many robust features to create diverse applications. It can run almost on every operating system. Also, it gives you the liberty to write a program, package it, and run it across any platform without any compilation. On the job front, Java programmers are sought after by the top giant companies. Whether you’re experienced in Java or an absolute beginner, there are a plethora of opportunities in every sector.

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The Top 10 Reasons for You to Learn Java in 2024

Top10Reasons Why You Should Learn Java Programming in 2024

Java has become one of the strongest programming languages with each passing year. If you’re wondering what makes Java so popular today in 2024, then here are the top 10 reasons for you to learn Java in 2024. Let’s delve right into it! 

    1. Portable Code: Java code is highly portable; this provides the luxury of writing code and using it anywhere, regardless of hardware or operating system. All thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, APIs, and best coding practices. This portable code, in turn, makes the code easily adaptable to different environments, flexible, and seamlessly deployable on different computing platforms.

    2. Advanced Feature and API Rich: Java has numerous advanced features that enable developers to produce quality standalone applications. Its API is filled with a multitude of methods that Java developers can directly use in their code. This API is useful for every purpose, which includes connecting to databases, parsing XML, handling input-output, and many more. This further contributes to the ease of learning languages and allows seamless integration with the back end.  

    3. Plethora of Job Opportunities: Java developers are still in high demand in the IT sector. Most companies search for Java developers for backend development and enterprise development. Java job markets are looking for developers who can design, develop, and maintain Java-based applications. Fortune 500 companies, government institutes, and financial institutes need Java developers to handle numerous projects. As a result, language has a huge scope in the job market, with tremendous career opportunities, competitive packages, and job satisfaction. Learning Java can lead to rewarding opportunities. The more experience you have in Java, the higher-paying roles and work prospects you have. This is by far the best reason for you to learn Java in 2024.  

    4. Java Developers are Highly Sought-After: Java is the official language for Android development and an ideal choice for building web applications and standalone applications. After 29 years of long success, Java’s influence is still strong and highly sought after, from building desktop apps to data science applications, machine learning applications, and even IoT. Most developers and programmers prefer Java to design all sorts of applications due to its suite of high-level concurrency tools, multi-platform compatibility, and packages. Through Java, you can build highly scalable solutions.  

    5. Huge Community Support: Java’s vast community support has benefited its popularity. According to Stackflow data, Java is the second largest among the Stack Overflow community. If you’re starting out in your journey as a Java programmer, then you will always have the support of its thriving and supportive community. You can have anything from real-time solutions to technical guidance for business and queries related to programming. This huge and supportive community is also a sign of Java being one of the most used programming languages.

    6. Secure and Safe Language: Java, during its inception, did not include pointers in order to keep the program secure. The use of pointer can lead to serious unauthorized access to memory. Also, Java has gone through tremendous improvements in its security and performance in the last couple of years. Developers can smoothly work on complex projects that require high security using Java. Therefore, applications built using Java are highly secure, which is why many developers prefer Java for building enterprise applications.

    7. Open-Source Libraries: Java offers open-source libraries such as Google Guava, Apache Xerxes, Apache POI, Apache Commons, OpenCV, Gson, and more. This, in turn, makes Java development faster, simpler, and more budget friendly. Some of the latest versions of OpenJDK and Oracle JDK are available free of charge via the Java Development Kit (JDK). 

    8. Wide Range of Development Tools: Java’s extensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is another reason why you should consider learning Java in 2024. This IDE consists of numerous automation tools, editors, and debuggers. Some of them are NetBeans, Android Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ, which are the most popular Java IDEs. Java offers tools like Maven and ANT to develop Java applications and Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery. In addition, it offers JConsole and Visual VM to monitor the use of heaps.

    9. Diverse Use Cases in Real-World Applications: Java is a testament to the long-standing programming language’s high degree of use in real-world applications. No wonder its real-world application is still booming. Java is one of the best programming languages for developing enterprise-level applications. Some of the well-known websites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Amazon, have parts built using Java. This is undoubtedly one of the best reasons to consider learning Java programming in 2024.
    10. Easy to Maintain: Java is the most effective, and its simplicity makes development comparatively inexpensive compared to other programming languages. Also, platform independence and adaptability make the language easy to maintain. 
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Java is not just a mainstream programming language; it is also one of the most beneficial languages used in diverse fields and technologies today. It is also an excellent choice for those who are seeking stability. Learning Java will not only land you a career of success but also pull you into the thriving community that helps you expand your skill sets. Embrace Java for web and app development, and you will be amazed at how many job opportunities open for you in the IT sector. If you are interested in being a part of a dynamic organization and enjoying the freedom to work as a remote Java developer? Don’t give it a second thought; Sign up with Olibr!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Java’s object-oriented programming (OOP) features promote code modularity, code reusability, flexibility, security, and data binding. Its byte code also contributes to the language’s portability. Moreover, its features, such as platform-independent languages and multithreading, make it suitable for diverse application development. 

Yes, of course. Java is in high demand, all thanks to its platform independence, cross-platform compatibility, strong community support, and huge adaptation to modern software development such as IoT, big data, AI, cloud computing, and mobile development. 

JDK is the Java Development Kit, which is a software development environment for Java. This is where developers can create Java applications and applets. 

Java is considerably easier to learn due to extensive community support, and numerous online tutorials are also available on the internet. But that said, for an absolute beginner to quickly grasp the fundamentals of Java programming, it might take a long time. 

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