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C++ vs C#: Which Language is Best for Your Project?

by Pranisha Rai
C++ Vs C-sharp which language best
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C++ and C# are the oldest programming languages and hold great significance in software development. They both are derived from C programming, a foundation for many programming languages. According to the latest Stack Overflow developers’ choice survey, C++ held the 9th and C# in the 8th positions, respectively. Deciding between C++ and C# could be tricky for your project as they may seem similar. However, their main objective and purpose are poles apart.  

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C++ and C# Overview

C++ is quite older than C#. It was introduced in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup as the extension of the C programming language. Bjarne wanted to create a dynamic high-level language with low-level access to the hardware. Therefore, he added the features of polymorphism, inheritance, classes, and abstraction in C and created C++. It initially became a popular system program and Unix-based operating system, but over the years it became popular in the fields of finance, gaming, robotics, and scientific computing.

C# is relatively younger than C++. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg to compete with Java. Initially, it was used only with the Windows .Net framework, but now it can run on MAC and Linux. According to TOBIE Index survey, C# has 7.65% ratings and holds the 5th ranking, making it a highly versatile language.

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C# vs C++ for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When it comes to AI and machine learning, people usually think of Python. Most people don’t know C++ is the foundational language for deep learning (a subfield of machine learning). The following are a few C++ frameworks: 

  • Eblearn is an open-source framework to define, train, and evaluate working with neural networks. 
  • Microsoft CNTK is written in C++ and Caffe is for convolutional neural networks. 
  • Google TensorFlow framework works with C++ and Python, this framework is used for implementing numerical calculations along with dataflow graphs. 

On the other hand, though .Net allows the integration of machine learning models into the C# programs, it is not the best option. It can be used for AI scenario games. 

Verdict: C++ is the best option for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is compared to C#

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C# vs C++ Performance

To compile any program in C#, the program first needs to go through Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) and then the Just in Time (JIT) compiler converts it into machine code. This extra step makes the process slower. However, in this regard, C++ directly converts into machine code, which makes it typically faster. Regardless, the overall performance also varies on how well the code is written and the framework used.  

  • C# has a higher level abstraction that can add additional layers of indirection.
  • C# features a lot of overheads and adds libraries before compilation.
  • C++ has direct control over hardware and memory. 
  • C# optimization is not as advanced as C++ 
  • C# heavily relies on reference types, whereas C++ provides access to the value types and pointers. 
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C# vs C++ for Web Development

Web development C++ vs C-sharp
  • C# can easily integrate with the .Net framework for building the backend of the websites.  
  • C++ offers exceptional performance speed, commonly used for handling large-scale web applications 
  • C# Blazor framework allows it to work on the front-end part of the website. 
  • Compared to C++, C# has cleaner and more readable code, making it easier for beginners to grasp. 
  • C is associated with projects such as games, browsers, and operating systems. 
  • C# works seamlessly with the ASP.Net framework to build dynamic and high-performance web applications. 
  • C++ is more prone to errors in web development and manual memory management creates a great complexity.  
  • C# is more popular in web development, whereas C++ is rarely used due to its low-level optimization and control.  

Therefore, C# with features like an automatic garbage collector, feature-rich libraries, and tight integration with ASP.Net, makes it a suitable option for web development. 

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Projects that can use C#

  • C# provides a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) framework particularly advantageous for creating a modern Windows desktop application. 
  • It is well-suited for building enterprise-level applications, due to object-oriented features and integration with the .Net framework. 
  • C# along with ASP.Net is best for building dynamic and scalable web applications. 
  • A primary language to script logic in game development, Unity a popular game engine uses C#. 
  • C# provides Xamarin cross-platform framework for mobile app development. Using this framework, developers can create mobile apps for Android, Windows, and iOS. 
  • It is also a good choice for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects integrated with the .Net ecosystem.  
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Projects that can utilize C++

  • It is the best choice for building operating systems and embedded systems. 
  • Scientific computing and numerical analysis projects that require high performance. 
  • If your project needs direct communication with hardware, C++ is an excellent choice.  
  • Network and server-side development where multiple tasks need to be handled with minimal delays.  
  • Its deterministic behavior and control over system resource makes it suitable for developing automotive and robotics applications. 
  • It is also the preferred language for complex scientific and engineering applications. 
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C# vs C++: Which language to choose for your project ?

C++: It will be the best choice for those who are interested in building hardware-oriented applications and system software such as operating systems, embedded systems, and device drivers. 

C#: It is an excellent option for Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing Platforms, Web development, and Trading systems. 


C++ has a small memory footprint and excels in memory-critical operations. Whereas, C# is generally considered a simpler language to learn and less error-prone. But for absolute beginners, both of the languages can be complex.

C# is pure object-oriented programming and C++ is a structural and procedural programming language, thus C# provides better security.

Yes, its ability to directly access the hardware makes it the preferred choice for embedded systems. C# with its reliance on the .Net framework is less common in these scenarios. 

No, it does not. A garbage collector in C# can change the address of an object at any time, so the only way to use a pointer is by unsafe code.

C++ is highly in demand in industries like healthcare, software engineering, video games, and artificial intelligence. So C++ being outdated is far fetch.

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