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Top 10 Generative AI Courses to Pursue in 2024

by Pranisha Rai
The Top 10 Generative AI Courses to Pursue in 2024
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Around 73% of employers prioritize are seeking AI talent today, but sadly, only 3 out of 4 are experts in the field of AI. According to a recent AWS survey, 88% of workers are predicted to use AI in their daily work by the year 2028. With the increasing demand for AI tools these days, there will be a huge career spike in AI in the years to come. In this article, we will take you through the top courses and certifications that will help you achieve your AI career dream. 

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Why should you learn Generative AI?

Gen AI, or generative AI, is a subset of artificial intelligence. The introduction of ChatGPT by Gen AI became a massive hit and success overnight. This led to the rise of new language models like LLaMA, Llama 2, PaLM 2, GPT-4 Alpaca, Vicuna-13B, and more. Its limitless ability has proven to be highly beneficial for industries and companies. Nowadays, every company leverages AI for productivity, accelerates their creativity, helps increase customer experience and much more. With every process, AI is getting smarter. Therefore, many companies and industries leverage this AI model today. This is why it is crucial to have skills and expertise in AI.

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Prerequisites for learning Generative AI Courses

Before we move on to acquiring skills in Generative AI, you must have rudimentary skills in:

  • Statistics 
  • Probability 
  • Python 
  • Linear Algebra 
  • Calculus 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Programming 

If you lack these basic skills, it might create complexity as you begin with the AI course. But that does not necessarily mean that you need to have profound graduate-level comprehension. However, AI uses advanced mathematical skills and computer science knowledge to map and process things; therefore, having familiarity with these prerequisites is crucial for the learning journey. 

If this overwhelms you, worry no more; here we have come up with the top-rated Udemy courses at a reasonable price that will make your learning journey smooth.

Take a closer look at the following courses: 

Learning any of these courses will make your basic skills strong and lower the learning curve when you start with the AI course. But if you don’t want to cough off your cash for basic courses, then you should check out Codeacademy, Udacity, and YouTube tutorials for free. 

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Top 10 Generative AI Courses to Pursue in 2024

Top genAI courses for 2023

1. Introduction to Learning Generative AI by Google

First, on our list, we have a free AI course for you. If you’re looking for free AI that covers the important concept of generative AI models, this course by Google, Introduction to Learning Generative AI, is for you. By going through this course, you will get an overview of the inner workings, model types, applications, and many more. Plus, the course comes with a real-time project, so you can test your skills after you complete the course and earn a badge. But this is a self-paced course, so getting distracted is easy. Hence, remember that consistency is key. Every day, learning one module will definitely keep you on track.  

  • Level: Beginner-Advance 
  • Duration: 1 month 
  • Course Fee: Free for the course. But to access the lab, you can pay $20,500 for a subscription. 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

 The following are the syllabuses that this course covers: 

  • Introduction to Generative AI 
  • Introduction to Large-Language Models 
  • Introduction to Responsible AI 
  • Generative AI Fundamentals 
  • Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud 

2. Building Generative AI Solutions with Vector Databases

Best for: Someone who has experience working with generative AI and is well-versed in Python. 

This course will teach about how AI can remember things for a long time by learning vectors in detail. As well as ideas for searching for information and effective ways to organize the data. 

Your concept of vector databases will get stronger, and side by side, you will learn some advanced tricks to store data. If you want to excel at using advanced tricks and organizing data smartly, then sign up for Udacity.  

  • Level: Advanced 
  • Duration: 3 hours. 
  • Course Fee: 20,500/month 
  • Course: Enroll 
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3. AI for Everyone

Enroll in AI for Everyone if you’re new to AI and learning for the first time. This course is perfect for providing an overview of the non-technical aspects of AI. Taught by Andrew Ng from the esteemed College of Stanford machine learning class. 

Professor Andrew Ng’s simplistic approach and brilliance help you understand the complexities of AI and what AI can do in this current scenario. 

You will come to understand the misconceptions about AI and the benefits that it can give to humankind. But if you’re more interested in learning about the technical details of AI and how it can help in our daily lives, then this course is obviously not for you. You can check out the other courses on this list. 

  • Ratings:  4.8  
  • Level: Beginner/Novice 
  • Course Fee: Free-$49.99/month 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

The syllabus that this course has for you is as follows: 

  • What is AI? 
  • Building AI projects 
  • Building AI in Your Company 
  • AI and Society 

4. DeepGenerativeAI Models by Stanford University

Best for: Anyone interested in learning in depth about generative AI and machine learning 

The top professors from Stanford University have provided the course with the goal of teaching every important aspect of generative AI as well as machine learning. Genreative AI and machine learning go hand in hand, so enrolling in this course will help you broaden your knowledge of Gen AI. 

What will you achieve by enrolling in this Course? 

Exposure to the essential concepts of Gen AI, machine learning, deep learning, CNN, and many more. With an in-depth understanding of all topics mentioned. 

The syllabus includes the following: 

  • Introduction to Deep Learning  
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) 
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) 
  • Generative AI deep learning models 
  • Autoregressive models 
  • Normalizing Flow Models 
  • Generative Adversarial Networks 
  • Evaluation of Generative AI Models 

Don’t forget to check out the Stanford University official link to stay updated on the important updates about this year’s generative AI courses.  

5. Generative AI Fundamentals

Best for: If you have previous intermediate Python experience and want to learn all the fundamentals of generative AI. 

Sign up for Udacity if you want to know the fundamentals of generative AI. By taking this course, you will learn how the popular models of general AI work and are used. Also, how are the deep learning models that are built using PyTorch and Hugging Face? 

Go through the depths and understand how the pre-trained models change as per our needs. Additionally, learn about parameter-efficient fine-tuning (PEFT) in a project that helps big models adapt without computer power. 

  • Level: Beginner- Intermediate 
  • Duration: 4 weeks 
  • Course Fee: 20,500/month 
  • Course: Enroll 

6. Generative AI: From Big Picture to Idea to Implementation by Udemy

Best for: Anyone who is already familiar with programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

A top-rated Udemy course that sheds light on how we can implement generative AI models in our daily tasks, learn the applications of them, and then manage datasets. Once you’re done with the course, you will have a good understanding of the Fundamentals of Generative AI, AI Models, Machine Learning, NumPy, Python, ChatGPT, Flask, and PyTorch. And the best part: hands-on experience on a real-time generative AI project and earning a certificate by the end of the course. 

  • Duration: 6-hour course 
  • Course Fee: 2699, but with a discount, you can get up to $499. 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

7. Building Generative AI

Best for: Those who have experience in building databases and knowledge of Python. 

This course will walk you through how we can build smart AI systems that we can use in real life. It is an ideal combination of practical skills and theoretical concepts. So, enrolling in it will help you expand your knowledge by learning semantic search, a crucial concept in AI that enables it to understand and respond to human language. Vector databases and LangChain are some of the key concepts in the course. After successful completion, you will have a profound understanding of how advanced AI systems are built. 

  • Duration: 4 weeks course 
  • Level: Advanced 
  • Course Fee: 20,500 month 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

8. Generative AI for Business Leaders

Best for: Someone who is well-versed in basic descriptive statistics. 

If you’ve got the mindset of a leader, this course is for you. By taking this course, you will learn the technique to unleash the power of Gen AI for your business and make the most of it. And uncover how to organize teams and their workflow to increase productivity. When you’re done with the course, you can create and launch a Gen AI project in just 100 days, so what’s more, hurry up and sign up for it. 

  • Level: Intermediate 
  • Course Fee: 20,500 months 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

9. Large Language Models (LLMs) and Text Generation

Best for: Anyone who has prior experience in generative AI and Python 

This course will take you through different types of language learning models (LLMs) in Gen AI and sentence tokenization. Therefore, you will have a clear idea of how computers understand and create languages. At the end of the course, you can build a chatbot using simple machine learning techniques  

If you want to create a chatbot that works how you want, then you should sign up for this course.  

  • Duration: 4 weeks course 
  • Level: Advanced 
  • Course Fee: 20,500 months 
  • Course Link: Enroll 

10. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Lastly, we have another free Generative AI course on our list that covers all the important aspects of prompt engineering for developers. If you’re curious to learn about ChatGPT without having a second thought, sign up for this free course. Ise Fulford (OpenAI) and Andrew Ng have explained LLM functionality, best practices of prompt engineering, and the practical application of LLM APIs for tasks like summarizing, inferring, transforming text, and expanding content. So, by the end, you’ll be clear on the concept of the following: 

  • You will understand the technique for using LLMs effectively. 
  • use the OpenAI API to develop innovative applications.  
  • Systematic prompt engineering with custom chatbot creation. 
  • Duration: Self-paced course 
  • Level: Beginner-Friendly 
  • Course Fee: Free 
  • Course Link: Enroll 
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Why should I pursue a career in Generative AI in 2024?

In 2022, we saw a massive breakthrough in generative AI with the debut of ChatGPT. Also, the release of the GPT-4 and other models has taken the world by storm. There is no doubt about how powerful and influential generative AI is. With its tremendous potential, it is here to stay for a long time, making our lives easier than before. Today, if you want to get along with this revolutionized change, generative AI is a must-have skill in 2024. Taking these top 10 generative AI courses will help you unlock the career door for you and reach success. 

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Yes, of course, generative AI is a trend and the future now. Many big tech companies are leveraging it to carry out automated tasks such as handling supply chains, personalizing content for the telecom industry, and many more. Big tech tycoons like Elon Musk are working on AI to develop amazing things that humans have never seen before. Therefore, learning generative AI is totally worth learning in 2024 and beyond. Getting expertise in it will give you an upper hand in so many ways. 

AI is a vast topic, and generational AI is one subset of it. If you’re a complete beginner, then you can start by learning data science and machine learning and then move towards more complex topics like AI and generative AI. Once you get familiar with it, you can start solving problems. After that, you can pick any good online course and start learning in depth.

Traditional AI can only analyze historical data and then make predictions about the numeric. whereas generative AI follows the advanced algorithm, due to which it can handle complex tasks like generating content like humans, realistic images, text, audio, and many more.

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