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Olibr’s Incredible Journey: Shaping the future of tech hiring in 2024 & Beyond

by Rajni
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2023 has been a milestone year for Olibr! What was sown as a seed in the brilliant minds of our leadership team, materialized into a groundbreaking solution in the tech hiring landscapeAs a witness to Olibr’s metamorphosis from a vision to an incredible platform, I can surely vouch for the benefits the platform currently offers and will continue to provide for companies seeking experienced tech professionals.

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Olibr’s success story

Since its inception, Olibr has experienced a substantial surge in its developer base, growing at an impressive rate of 75% each month, underscoring its widespread popularity within the developer community. Furthermore, within a year, Olibr proudly maintains a 100% success rate in placing candidates. Notably, over 300 top global clients are seamlessly and successfully utilizing Olibr for their hiring needs. 

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How was the seed of Olibr sown?

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In 2022, our leadership team, equipped with a profound grasp of job market dynamics and recognizing the disparity between skilled individuals and businesses in search of top talent, as well as acknowledging the time and cost challenges in hiring and retaining employees, founded Olibr to address these issues. Our mission was to offer a one-stop seamless solution for both the businesses and tech talent to collaborate on cutting-edge technologies. To achieve this, we aimed to provide a simplified, one-click solution dashboard accessible to both clients and developers. 

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How did Olibr develop its innovative platform?

Following numerous brainstorming sessions and extensive testing, Olibr successfully crafted a seamless developer dashboard in 2023. This platform enables developers to swiftly sign up, establish their profiles, undergo communication and skill assessments, and subsequently update their information. The leadership’s primary focus was on meticulous vetting to ensure only the most exceptional developers join the Olibr community. Unlike typical online hiring portals, Olibr stands out for its commitment to quality candidates.  

In the second phase, a comprehensive solution was devised for clients seeking top-tier talent without extensive time investment in candidate screening and interviews. The leadership aimed to provide streamlined and cost-effective hiring solutions, resulting in the creation of a platform that brought this vision to life. By year-end, Olibr had successfully developed a client dashboard, consolidating all hiring activities under one roof. Clients can effortlessly select and add candidates to their preferred lists, similar to consumers adding items to a shopping list. It’s as straightforward as that — clients can schedule interviews, conduct live coding tests, and identify candidates with sought-after skills with just a single click. 

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What's fueling the excitement for Olibr's features among developers and clients?

Olibr provides developers with personalized job opportunities based on their work experience, skills, and expertise. The algorithm ensures that only relevant opportunities are presented to the developers. 

On Olibr’s platform, developers can easily sign up, take tests, and update their profiles, making them job-ready. This eliminates the need to repeatedly send out resumes when applying for jobs. Additionally, developers receive a dedicated profile page with a unique URL that can be shared outside the Olibr platform. 

With Olibr’s integration with HackerRank and HackerEarth, developers can assess their expertise across more than 100 technologies and skills. 

Developers have the flexibility to receive job alerts for positions of interest, with the option to disable them when not actively looking. They can keep their profile active when actively job-seeking, increasing visibility to companies seeking their skills. Conversely, developers can disable the active job option when not in search mode to avoid unnecessary job calls. 

One of our happy developers, Ritesh Kulkarni, a PHP developer, who has already been placed with a top global company says, ‘Olibr has simplified and personalized the job-seeking process, making it efficient and tailored to my needs. I appreciate the platform’s thoughtful features that empower developers in their career journeys.” 

Another developer, Swati Iyer, says, ‘Olibr’s flexibility is a standout feature. I can receive alerts for preferred jobs and easily toggle them off when not actively searching. Keeping my profile active during job-seeking periods has significantly increased my visibility to potential employers.’ 

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Olibr's clients are over the moon!!

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Christopher Swain, a satisfied client, expresses, “Hiring has never been this effortless. Thanks to Olibr, our company has slashed 70% of our hiring time. The seamless interface allows us to screen, save, schedule, manage, and conduct interviews and live coding tests – a true game-changer. Their inbuilt calendar is a savior when it comes to scheduling and interviewing candidates. Anyone from our team who has access to the calendar can click on the scheduled interview and be directed to the candidate profile interview or the HackerRank or HackerEarth websites for live coding tests. Since partnering with Olibr, our recruitment team has successfully onboarded top-notch tech talent.” 

Another client shares their success, stating, “Our experience with Olibr resulted in a 100% success rate. We filled our tech positions within a week of posting requirements, securing high-quality talent.” 

Olibr provides free access to its extensive database of vetted developers, facilitating easy resume screening and saving for future actions. With unlimited job postings, users can attract candidates aligning with their requirements, aided by Olibr’s algorithm. The platform enables seamless collaboration with no user limits, allowing control and management of user access through the dashboard. Tailoring assessments to unique criteria ensures precise candidate evaluation.  

Another noteworthy benefit for companies is the company profile page offered by Olibr. Clients can now craft a comprehensive company profile, encompassing all details, and share it not only within the platform but also externally.    

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Olibr’s partnership with HackerRank and HackerEarth

Olibr has consistently worked towards establishing a platform for the collaboration of top talent and businesses to shape an innovative tech future. In line with this mission, Olibr has joined forces with leading technology companies, HackerEarth and HackerRank, to enhance assessments across a spectrum of over 100 skills and technologies. This empowers clients to recruit experienced developers proficient in 100+ skills. Conversely, developers can also challenge themselves in various skills, shaping their career trajectories. 

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Olibr’s Social Media game has been on point since 2023!

Establishing a presence on social platforms is crucial in a fully digital workflow. Olibr initiated its LinkedIn engagement from scratch in May of the previous year and has since grown into a community of 3,000 members. On YouTube, Olibr has posted approximately 86 educational videos on various tech-related topics within 3-4 months, garnering positive engagement. The company is actively expanding its influence on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This involves consistent job postings and a mix of educational and lighthearted content to captivate its target audience. Olibr has also built a robust presence in the blogging sphere, boasting over 100 insightful posts on tech-related subjects. 

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What does 2024 hold in store for Olibr?

Olibr is set to expand horizons and enrich the hiring landscape, providing both businesses and developers with powerful tools to navigate the best opportunities. The platform will continually introduce new features to improve and streamline the hiring and job-seeking experience. In addition to its presence in the United States, Olibr is actively planning to extend its reach to other countries, fostering collaboration and innovation among businesses and tech professionals globally. 

Furthermore, Olibr is gearing up to offer developers the chance to contribute their thoughts and insights to the Olibr blog, adding another layer of accomplishment to their portfolio. Stay tuned for more updates!  

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A note of gratitude to the global tech community!

Gratitude is the word Olibr has for the millions of developers and supporters who have been a part of our Olibr Tribe. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our purpose with you. We are also grateful to the businesses who entrust us with their talent acquisition needs.  Your contributions have been key to our growth and we look forward to achieving many more milestones and innovations together.  

For those who are already not a part of the growing Olibr Tribe, consider this as our invitation to be a part of this exciting and collaborative journey in 2024. Together, we can explore the limitless potential that unfolds in the ever-evolving world of technology.  

Let’s raise a toast to a year characterized by remarkable growth, effortless collaboration, and our shared commitment to shaping a future defined by innovation and success! Here’s to Olibr and the thrilling times that lie ahead! 

If you haven’t yet joined Olibr, come be a part of our exciting journey at olibr.com. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Olibr is your gateway to top-tier tech companies, offering you unparalleled opportunities to showcase your skills. With access to leading platforms like HackerRank and HackerEarth, you can confidently demonstrate your capabilities, leaving no doubt about your proficiency. Join Olibr today and pave the way to a successful career in the tech industry.

Olibr has collaborated with technolgy platforms like HackerEarth and HackerRank using which you can assess your candidates over 1000 technologies. Moreover, you can track the candidates who have taken these tests and filter the ones that best suit your requirements.

Olibr enables quick job creation and allows you to share the posted job across platforms. Olibr offers you  a chance to create your  company profile page which can be shared online. You can also track and filter candidates’ test results, conduct live-coding tests,  conduct interviews and more. Olibr also provides you with built-in calendar scheduling feature and more.

Anyone seeking technical roles, from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, can join Olibr. Our platform is tailored for developers, engineers, and other tech specialists looking to showcase their skills and connect with potential employers.

While uploading your resume, you can choose your top skills. However, you can always take specific tests for any other additional skills you have. Taking additional tests for different skills can improve your chances of getting matched with more job opportunities.

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