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Is CodeIgniter still relevant in 2023?

by Pranisha Rai
Codeigniter relevant in 2023
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PHP has significantly influenced numerous framework creations with well-designed building blocks and fast development. Some of the popular frameworks include CakePHP, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Zend, and Laravel used widely. However, among all of these, CodeIgniter stands out as one of the most feature-rich and beneficial today. Its convenient collection of features and benefits makes it an excellent choice for building dynamic applications. In this article, we will find out what makes CodeIgniter so relevant even in 2023.

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What is CodeIgniter?

Introduced in the year 2006, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework well-regarded for its speed and quick responsiveness. It is a go-to tool for industrialists and experts to create dynamic web apps and websites. Developers from around the globe rely upon its simplicity, speed, and lesser footprint. Moreover, the framework offers robust features using which developers can create diverse web applications. 

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Architecture of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter follows the Model View Controller (MVC) and Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) pattern which plays a crucial role in business logic. View represents the user interface and controller for handling computing units. HMVC is the extended version of MVC that comes in handy to alter the hierarchy of the model, controller, and view within the framework. Plus, a loosely coupled system prevents dependency on each component. As a result, it promotes flexibility, code reusability, and ease of management of complex applications.

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Why Use CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter lets developers focus mainly on the project by minimizing the length of code needed for a particular task. It’s open source, meaning you can use it from anywhere and anytime completely free of charge. When it comes to effectiveness, it’s a lot quicker than you might think, thanks to its MVC architecture for making things simpler and interesting. 

And not to forget its remarkable feature to generate cleaner URLs makes Codeigniter an efficient framework. Also, these URLs largely contribute to user-friendliness and search engine optimizations. Although it doesn’t use a standard query string parameter step, the framework synonymous strategy is sufficient to provide efficiency for browsers. 

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Features of CodeIgniter

  • Small Footprint and Fast loads: CodeIgniter with its file size of 2MB can quickly deploy and work on the updates. As compared to any other PHP framework, CodeIgniter can load the file in less than 50ms.
  • Less Code: The new version of CodeIgniter provides detailed testing characteristics in a comprehensive manner to carry out web app development. This later helps to improve overall performance and aims for better projects in the future.
  • Robust Security: Its configuration is filled with advanced encryption and decryption processes, Plus, with feature-rich security and diverse inbuilt functionalities many web development companies rely on CodeIgniter to create scalable and secure websites.
  • Easy Installation: It supports flexible folder architecture with a straight-lined structure that simplifies the PHP syntax as required by the framework. Fast web application deployment and prevents pitfalls in syntax whenever dealing with complex code schemes.
  • Detailed Documentation: CodeIgniter provides a user guide in a comprehensive way through which developers manage the code effectively. This is a valuable asset for developers whenever they encounter any challenges or issues in the future. 
  • Test-driven Development: Developers can use a systematic approach to test in every stage of developmentfor effectiveness. 
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Is CodeIgniter relevant in 2023?

Yes, CodeIgniter is still relevant in 2023. Per the statistics from Builtwithtrends, there are around 1,438,254 websites developed using CodeIgniter. Another report suggests that CodeIgniter has around 42% of the market share in the web frameworks world today. Moreover, it has around 2k stars and 7.7k forks on GitHub. These statistics are self-explanatory on how relevant and widely popular CodeIgniter is in 2023. That is not all, the plethora of advantages it offers make it relevant not just in 2023 but for years to come. Following are a few advantages of CodeIgniter: 

  • Using CodeIgniter, you don’t have to worry about the migration relation issue during your shifting services.  
  • CodeIgniter, by default, creates slugs for SEO-friendly URLs, which helps search engine crawlers to understand your web pages.  
  • It also lets developers run tests on their code to ensure an error-free final version of the application. 
  • Compared to other PHP frameworks, developers can rely on its effectiveness for rapid development of websites, thanks to its robust features and fast service. 
  • Its user-friendliness allows it to create a wider range of applications and offers various options to customize code. 
  • CodeIgnetier provides strong security from malicious attacks or threats such as XSS filtering security. 
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Final words

CodeIgniter is one of the popular PHP frameworks that simplifies the use of a modular approach and retrieval of any specific functions for PHP developers. On top of that, the structure of the URL it generates makes it easier to create a secure and highly dynamic application on a large scale. Its systematic test-driven approach helps spot errors and warnings early. 

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Firstly, it uses user-friendly URLs that help in SEO as well as in large-scale site creation. Besides, it provides effective debugging tools with quick error detection. 

Its stability and popularity set CodeIgniter apart from other PHP frameworks. It leaves a small  footprint and offers features such as MVC architecture, fast load,  detailed documentation, etc., thus making it a strong choice for web development in 2023.

CodeIgniter supports the following databases: 

  • MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQL (deprecated) 
  • MYSQLI and PDO drivers Oracle via the oci8 and PDO drivers PostgreSQL via the Postgre and PDO drivers MS SQL via the MsSQL, Sqlsrv (version 2005 and above only) and PDO drivers SQLite via the SQLite (version 2),  
  • sqlite3 (version 3) and PDO drivers CUBRID via the Cubridand PDO drivers Interbase/Firebird via the iBase and PDO drivers ODBC via the ODBC and PDO drivers 

In CodeIgniter, form validation is the process that ensures that the data inputted by users meets the required criteria and is error-free before it is processed.

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