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Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities and Challenges for Software Developers

by Pranisha Rai
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Are you a business owner facing the challenges of keeping up with new trends and technology? Or You have been experiencing never-ending tasks and responsibilities in order to boost efficiency? If your answer is yes, then IoT is the technology that can help you with all the business-related trouble. 

IoT is the Internet of Things where physical devices are connected to the Internet and can communicate with each other. When combined with the business can get you unprecedented insights into your operation. It will keep your business going smoothly by tracking asset performance, monitoring the supply chain, and automating daily tasks with ease. This article will walk you through the opportunities and challenges of IoT in software development.

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IoT Challenges

IOT challenges
  • Complexity in Cyber Threat: The rise of technology at an unprecedented pace has brought many benefits, yet it also introduced numerous threats and the cyber threat is one of them. Day by day, attackers have been coming up with new strategies and advanced methods to gain unauthorized access to victims and steal their information. Due to this, organizations and businesses are vulnerable to ransomware attacks that can have severe consequences that can lead them financial losses and reputational damage. Now software developer’s responsibility is to create a software application that can address security challenges. As a result, they go through enormous pressure to ensure top prioritizes security while developing the software. An IoT with limited computing resources and a lack of robust security is seen as an attractive target by hackers. Once the attackers gain access to IoT devices can easily steal data and launch a border attack.

  • Lack of Regulation: IoT being quite new in the industry lacks comprehensive regulation to address some challenges. On the other side, the traditional framework does not cover the complexities of IoT. Because of this reason, it faces challenges in terms of security and privacy regulations. IoT devices being vulnerable to data breaches has raised security concerns over user’s data. It’s true that IoT technology is evolving but its regulation also needs to adapt to new challenges.

  • Bandwidth Constraint: It’s pretty obvious that the device and many applications require constant communication consume a hell lot of data. So whenever multiple devices come to use together, it causes bandwidth challenges. Well, it is a common issue in every household that various devices are connected to the available bandwidth. This can lead to many potential issues with the performance of the devices.

  • Difficulties to Manage Customer: First IoT industry needs to familiarize itself with many customers to gain their trust and ensure that these technologies won’t cause harm to them. To gain the trust of users and keep maintaining is a huge challenge for the IoT industry. One of the main challenges is security as IoT heavily relies on devices that are connected to the internet. Since data is pretty much available in the cloud, hackers can easily steal the sensitive information of users. For this reason, it needs to provide robust software to protect data to counter security threats. Making customers feel safe is a must and they should also take the security of the customer’s sensitive data seriously.
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IoT Opportunities

  • Business More Efficient: It helps businesses with automated tasks, meaning processes are going at a fast pace with a few mistakes. IoT is brimming with valuable data and businesses leveraging this data can get insight into their customer’s behaviors and tracking inventory for stocks. By using this, businesses can come up with unique and smart decisions to tremendously boost their profit. Overall, IoT has opened many doors for opportunities for businesses and stay ahead of their competitors. 

  • Combination of Cloud and IoT: Cloud computing and IoT make a perfect match and many tech giant companies have formed an alliance for the future growth of the cloud service. They invested large sums of cash in cloud data stores to ensure easy use of smart devices and improve the working of smart applications. When a tech giant teams up with cloud computing does not only helps smart devices work well but also offers support to developers to create new interesting IoT apps. 

  • Connectivity Opportunities: As we are well aware the IoT relies on devices connected with the internet. There is a huge possibility in the modern-day market with reliable IoT connectivity. One of the big factors of this is to ensure reliable internet connectivity for proper functioning. A reliable connection is crucial in today’s digital age as no one likes to use devices with bad Internet connectivity.
  • Opportunities and Advancement in Devices: There has been significant growth in the new IoT devices such as smartwatches and vehicles. With the passing of every year, these devices are evolving in an advanced way. The concept of self-driving cars and smartwatches to track sleep patterns was just a sci-fi movie. Due to the rapid rise in technology, Apple and Tesla have brought this into reality. Nowadays, we have witnessed every fitness freak dependent on their smartwatch to count their calorie intake and calorie burn. But that being said, we are still in the early phase of this development. There are many exciting possibilities for customers in the future in terms of vehicle connectivity with the internet and the next advanced device in the world of IoT. 
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In conclusion

Now you know how IoT can revolutionize the business, but there are also many challenges that include security, reliability, and project complexity. To adapt to IoT is like stepping into the innovative and data-driven world. In order to succeed, one must understand these opportunities and challenges. So we have reached the end of this article. 

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