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What is Olibr?

by Rajni
What is olibr

Gone are the days when great scientists and avant-garde thinkers like Galileo, Newton and Einstein were ostracized and persecuted for their beliefs and discoveries. Today, we live in exciting times where new innovations and discoveries are appreciated and celebrated. In recent years, many promising young minds like Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, Travis Kalanick of Uber, Lei Jun of Xiaomi, and Alexander Karp of Palantir, to name a few, have taken the leap of faith and built technologies and engineering applications that have revolutionized the way we live. However, one major impediment to growth and expansion of these innovative businesses has been the shortage of the right talent.

What is the underlying reason for the global talent shortage?

A survey by Gartner stated that the global talent shortage has been one of the top five risks for companies since 2019. Around 63% of the companies that participated in the survey stated that the lack of talent is their main concern. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of developers will grow by 25% from 2021 to 2031, which is much faster than the average for all other occupations.


With the IT industry expanding rapidly, the demand for skilled IT talent has skyrocketed, leading to a shortage of skilled technical talent. A CIO survey report found that around 50% of Chief Information Officers confirm that the lack of skilled IT resources is a major obstacle to the adoption of new technologies, growth, expansion, and remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving tech world. The beginning of 2022 also saw a record number of job quits, with 4.3 million employees quitting their jobs for various reasons, including the availability of new work alternatives such as hybrid and remote options, and better compensation and work-life balance. Even major tech giants like Facebook, ServiceNow, LinkedIn, Tesla, VMware, and Google have not been immune to this trend. In a 2018/2019 PayScale report, the average employee tenure at Google was 1.1 years, and at Amazon, it was 1 year. In many tech companies, this median tenure is a result of the highly competitive and rapidly-growing market. With new companies emerging constantly and offering attractive alternatives and opportunities for career growth, employees have more power as job seekers. The European market is facing a similar, though not as severe, situation. In short, it is almost impossible to build an efficient engineering team at the local level for the US and European markets due to the saturation of local hiring options, the high salary demands, and the unpredictable employee attrition that comes with them. This is where Olibr can help.

What is olibr

Source: SHRM

What is Olibr?

Olibr was established to tackle the worldwide talent shortage faced by companies. Our leadership team comprehends the job market dynamics and the gap between talented individuals and businesses seeking top talent, as well as the time and cost involved in hiring and retaining employees. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and effective solution to these issues.

With extensive experience in the resource hiring and outsourcing sector, Olibr has built a global network of thoroughly vetted, highly skilled, and untapped potential resources. These resources are eager to work on cutting-edge technologies, but have been hindered by geographical limitations. Olibr provides a seamless platform for businesses and talent to connect and collaborate, converting unrealized aspirations into successful outcomes. Let Olibr be your solution to the global talent shortage.

Olibr helps businesses thrive in the remote-first world

The remote-first world has presented new challenges and opportunities for businesses, and Olibr is here to help you thrive in this new environment. The pandemic has caused a significant shift in the job market, and companies are working to adapt to this new reality in order to achieve their short-term and long-term business objectives. These may include business continuity, cost savings, employee wellness, and long-term flexibility and adaptability. Advances in technology and changes in business culture have made remote work a viable option for many organizations, and in some cases, a preferred way of working.

However, some businesses may have concerns about the ability of remote resources to provide the commitment and dedication required for ambitious projects. At Olibr, we understand these concerns and provide dedicated, full-time developers who are ready to make long-term commitments to the projects they are hired for. We do not accept freelance or short-term gigs where developers are working on multiple projects at once. Additionally, we follow best practices in remote team management to help businesses focus on their bigger goals. Let Olibr help your business thrive in the remote-first world.

Find the world’s top pre-vetted remote talent all in one place at Olibr

Hiring the right engineering team can be a daunting task, as resumes may not accurately reflect a developer’s true skills and experience. It can be difficult to find a candidate who perfectly matches your requirements, especially when you have to sift through hundreds of resumes and only find a few that meet your criteria. Even after shortlisting candidates, you may find that they don’t have the knowledge and experience they claimed during the interview. The hiring process can be time-consuming and costly. According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, it takes an average of 42 days and costs $4,129 to hire an employee. This process can take energy and effort away from productive tasks that help achieve project goals. Olibr simplifies the hiring process by providing access to a global pool of pre-vetted, highly skilled professionals under one roof. This saves time and money on the hiring and onboarding process and ensures that you get the talent you need to succeed.

For years, Olibr has assembled a team of highly talented and experienced developers who are the best in the industry. These developers have undergone rigorous vetting for their coding and technical skills as well as their English communication abilities. We understand the importance of effective communication in a remote work environment and only work with professionals who are able to understand and fulfil all of your requirements from afar. These developers are among the top 1% of global talent and are highly skilled, ready to join your team and start working from day one.

Our Olibr tribe includes full-stack developers, back-end developers, DevOps engineers, front-end developers, Java developers, Python developers, data scientists, mobile app developers, and more. Whatever your needs, we have the skilled professionals you need to quickly kickstart your project. Building your dream team has never been easier thanks to Olibr.

Olibr is your trusted partner in bringing your visions to life

At Olibr, we understand that every dream begins with a dreamer and that every dreamer needs a team of dedicated professionals to turn their visions into reality. That’s why we’re here to help you assemble a team of skilled developers and engineers to support you on your journey to growth and success. We believe in breaking down geographical and cultural barriers to provide you with access to top talent from around the world. Let Olibr be your trusted partner in bringing your dreams to life.

Remote work is the present and future of the business world

Talent is not limited to any one location, and the sooner you embrace this idea, the faster you’ll be able to expand and grow your business. Leading tech companies are no longer solely focused on hiring employees who are within commuting distance, thanks to the rise of remote work. This has allowed companies to tap into a much larger pool of talent, and for good reason – some of the best talents can be found all over the world, not just in Silicon Valley. Don’t limit yourself to only hiring local talent – if you want to achieve growth, you must be willing to search beyond your immediate area to find the right people for your team. With the improvement of collaboration tools, it’s easier than ever to manage work remotely. It’s time for companies to take the leap and hire the best talent for their projects, regardless of location.


At Olibr, we are committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your dreams. Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to support you in reaching your goals. Let us take one task off your plate by finding the right talent for your team. Just tell us your requirements, and we’ll provide you with the best talent to help your dream team succeed. Don’t wait any longer – Hire now with Olibr!

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