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How Can I Finalize My Resume with Olibr?

by Rajni

    Step-1: After you pass the test, you will be navigated to a section called, ‘Finalize my resume’.

    Step-2:Olibr auto-fills some profile sections from your uploaded resume during sign-up. Ensure you update, edit, and complete any missing details.

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    Upload a professional photo with good lighting, an appropriate background, a close-up framing, and a pleasant expression.

    Step-4: Next, update the “Tell Your Story” section, summarizing your professional experience in 50 words or less for a concise and impactful showcase of your qualifications.

      Step-5: Next, provide your education history, detailing graduation and post-graduation degrees (if applicable), along with start and end years to fully represent your educational background.

        Step-6: Include your employment history by listing each company you’ve worked with, your designation, duration of employment, and the technologies and tools used. This will create a clear picture of your professional experience.

          Step-7: For each job you’ve held, outline your roles and responsibilities using bullet points, making it easier for readers to quickly grasp your key duties and achievements.

            Step-8: After completing the above sections, proceed to list any projects you’ve completed with the company. Click “Add Project” and begin entering the relevant details.

              Step-9: Include all essential information, such as project name, your role, project industry, backend technology used, the number of team members involved, and delivery time.

                Step-10: Furthermore, add your project description in bullet points and add your skills that were specifically used for the project. 

                Step-11: For multiple companies, repeat the process of detailing your work experience, incorporating relevant information from each company and associated projects. Use the designated symbol (as shown in the provided image) to add more data.

                    Step-12: Next, proceed to list any certifications you’ve earned, along with their start and end dates, to showcase your professional development and expertise in your field. 

                      Step-13: Next, enumerate your technical skills to demonstrate your expertise, providing potential employers with a thorough understanding of your abilities. 

                      Step-14: To include tools, use the provided drop-down box to list the names of tools you’ve worked with, such as Jira, AWS Cloud, and more. 

                          Step-15: Add your social profiles, like LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook, to offer a complete picture of your online presence and professional connections.

                            Step-16: Lastly, demonstrate your successes and contributions by showcasing your achievements in both your professional and educational capacities. 

                              Step-17: Once you finish filling in all the details, go to “Profile Preview” and see how your profile looks like. 

                                Step-18: If you find any missing details or mistakes, you can always go back and rectify/fill in the data. 

                                  Step-19: If you have doubts or questions about entering details, consult the “Help Tips” provided alongside each data field.

                                  Step-20: Congratulations on completing the required details! Please wait as our hiring manager reviews your profile for approval. If any information is missing, they will contact you via email to guide you in finalizing your resume

                                  We hope this article has been helpful and addressed your inquiries in the best way possible. You can check our “Help & Support” section for more information on other topics. You can also check our website https://olibr.com/ and our FAQs section. For any further assistance, you can email us at support@olibr.com 

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