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Yardi Integration Specialist|Bengaluru|6+Yrs

  • Zyoin Group
  • India, B...
  • 6 - 8 Yrs

Job Description

  • 5+ years of Yardi or similar technical ERP experience required (Voyager, Yardi 7s or comparable system), in depth report writing, data migration and advanced SQL skills. Proven ability to communicate and implement technical solutions with best practices.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Computer Science, or equivalent required.
  • Functional background in Accounting, Real Estate, and Property Management is required.
  • Experience with batch and service-based data integration.
  • Experience working with and integrating with Salesforce a strong plus.
  • Experience with Agile development methodology including Jira experience, a strong plus.
  • Rapidly respond to changes in environment and priorities. Ability to work with a complex stakeholder group across geographical boundaries.
  • Strong balance of business and technical skills with the ability to “translate” technical concepts clearly to non-technical decision-makers is required.
  • Ability to contribute to structured meetings, propose ideas, and clearly communicate tasks, deadlines, and expectations that are given.
  • Flexibility and positive attitude to achieve tight deadlines.
  • Solid experience with integrated systems required.
  • Extensive experience in creating custom triggers within the confinements of Yardi’s current system.
  • Proficiency in SQL Server 2016, environment for writing SQL Stored Procedures, creating scheduled jobs, data replication and migrations.
  • Preferred skill in writing reports and scripts with Yardi SQL language heuristics and tools.

Job Responsibilities

  • Primary source systems include, but are not limited to: Yardi, Salesforce, Snowflake, proprietary in-house modeling and reporting/ETL tools.
  • Work directly with our Yardi vendor support to resolve technical systemic issues affecting critical business workflow and reports.
  • Work directly with 3rd party vendors to resolve technical concerns and assist with the design to achieve business requirements.
  • Supporting of the current and future integrations with Yardi while assisting to foster a roadmap consisting of system upgrades, data interfaces, best practices, and new modules.
  • Manage and architect technical solutions to business requirements and their needs within and across the company's Property Management and Accounting platforms
  • Assist the Yardi Operations, systems analysts and vendors during design, development and testing to ensure business requirements are fully implemented and overall system quality is maintained.
  • Lead processes to design, create and test technical solutions to resolve data issues or enhance current systems through data migration.
  • Ensure all internal or external stakeholders within the client environment understand how to leverage new technical functions to comply with business policies and procedures.
  • Identify and manage technical/integrations process and system improvements and implement solutions that will increase efficiency and provide customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitate the design of custom solutions, scripted workflows, custom reports and implementation of other backend tools to enhance end-user productivity.
  • Work with business units, internal Yardi support and external Yardi support teams to resolve technical helpdesk issues and enhance end user support.
  • Assist with automating procedures for and create new Yardi ETL processes.
  • Create report packages for exports to other proprietary and third-party vendor systems.
  • Lead the execution of technical tasks and milestones with all Yardi related projects.
  • Ensure business units QA, and peer-review occurs for all new code releases.
  • Facilitate and manage tracking of bugs/enhancements/features as part of the change management process.
  • Help create and foster an environment of technical excellence and innovation by leading efforts to prototype along with contributing new ideas to help streamline Progress initiatives.
  • Manage creation and continuity of the Yardi Replication db environment to support continued integration of the Progress inter-application data warehouse and future onboarding automation streams from Salesforce to Yardi.
  • Attend weekly calls with our Yardi SFH team in coordination to ensure timely resolutions to critical issues are being created and accounted for on both the front end and back end systems.
  • Assist with documentation and procedures for yearly audit.


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India