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SRE Lead|Chennai|5+Yrs

  • nTech Workforce - India
  • India, C...
  • 5 - 6 Yrs

Job Closed

Job Description

  • Design and Build Systems for Reliability: SREs create software and systems that enhance the reliability of production systems. They proactively address issues, respond to incidents, and take on-call responsibilities.
  • Bridge Between Development and Operations: Traditionally, IT operations and software development teams worked in silos.
  • Bridge Between Development and Operations: SREs bridge this gap by designing systems that improve reliability, even within a DevOps culture.
  • Proactive Quality Assurance (QA): SREs are like proactive QA engineers. They focus on creating software to enhance system reliability, including fixing issues and responding to incidents.
  • Golden Signals of Monitoring: SREs monitor systems using the four golden signals: latency, traffic, errors, and saturation. These metrics help ensure system health and performance.

Job Responsibilities

  • Capacity Planning and Load Management: SREs assess system capacity, plan for growth, and manage workloads effectively.
  • Data Processing Pipelines: They understand and optimize data processing pipelines for efficiency and reliability.
  • Configuration Management: SREs maintain and manage configuration settings for various applications and systems.
  • Documentation and Process Knowledge: They document processes, share knowledge, and evaluate incidents after resolution.
  • Collaboration and Troubleshooting: SREs collaborate with development, support, and IT teams to troubleshoot issues and improve system resilience.
  • Performance Optimization: They continuously optimize system performance to enhance reliability.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India