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Machine Learning Operations Engineer|Multiple|3+yrs

  • HuQuo
  • Multiple
  • 3 - 7 Yrs

Job Description

  • Key Skills :
  • Fine tune the LLM models, Python, Experience on MLOPS/LLMOPS (docker /container ).
  • Have deploy the model in Production (GCP).
  • Basic understanding of ML/Deep learning, NLP
  • Experience & Skills :
  • Proficiency with python and the python ML tool kit along with DL frameworks
  • Experience with working on end to end solutions and comfortable with cloud based ML-Ops pipelines
  • Experience fine-tuning deep learning models including LLMs
  • Experience with GPUs and understanding of balancing costs at both training and inference Comfortable in deploying end to end data science focused solutions with challenging data sets
  • Proficiency/experience with ML deployment strategies, micro services and infrastructure
  • ML-OPS experience with setting up CI/CD pipelines, feature engineering etis, designing feature stores and understanding mechanisms of deployment across various environments
  • Experience in translating ML based outcomes to business-digestible insights

Job Responsibilities

  • Help identify opportunities to solve complex challenges and deliver tangible business benefit through analytics, Al/Machine Learning solutions and skillsets.
  • Apply advanced Data Science methods, extensive prototyping and experimentation methodologles in the following disciplines: Data, Al: Machine Learning.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with other functions within 8l & Analytics in order to assess the scalability of analytical opportunities and further development into production-level solutions.
  • Running research experiments both in NLP & computer vision (for remote sensing based applications)


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Pune, Maharashtra, India