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Machine Learning Engineer|Mumbai|2 + Yrs

  • FYND (Shopsense Retail Technologies Ltd.)
  • India, M...
  • 2 - 5 Yrs

Job Description

  • Efficient in Python Programming language, Pandas, SQL
  • Knowing Statistics, Machine Learning - Regression, Classification and Clustering, Deep Learning - RNN, CNN, Transformers
  • Experience working with End to End Machine Learning project Life cycle
  • Experience working over one of the ML Frameworks - SKLearn, XGBoost, PyCaret and Deep Learning Frameworks - Tensorflow, PyTorch, Huggingface and Rasa
  • Experience working over ML pipelines frameworks for Model training and Model inferencing
  • Able to work over data profiling to understand and debug inefficiency of algorithms
  • Able to perform exploratory data analysis over datasets to identify the key insights by statistical techniques
  • Prior experience of building Recommender System and Search for eCommerce domain would be a plus

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the team of Business stakeholders and Engineering teams
  • Guide Data Engineering team to extract relevant datasets and apply relevant transformations for eCommerce problem statements
  • Work independently to perform Data profiling, Exploratory Data Analysis and Data completeness checks to use it well with AI/ML algorithms
  • Work with project stack holders to understand the business problems and apply feature engineering to prepare the relevant data signals for model training and model improvement
  • Experimenting with SOTA models on various problem statements with LLM models like LLaMa, Falcon, MPT, etc. and following the best practices on fine-tuning & model quantization process
  • Implement robust AI/ML pipeline with GCP’s Vertex platform which can perform operations like - Data Cleaning, Data Transformation, Feature Engineering, Model Training at scale, Evaluate and Improvement
  • Deploy the AI/ML models to scalable production system with Kubernetes platform
  • Monitor and improve the models periodically


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India