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Lead - Medical Image Analysis Developer - Image Processing/3D Image/C++/GPU

  • Career Makers
  • India, B...
  • 10 - 12 Yrs

Job Description

  • This role requires proven expertise in medical image analysis demonstrated through relevant publications and addressing different clinical problems. In particular, the individual is expected to develop and/or reuse existing algorithms in 3D image registration, image segmentation, quantification, and classification for CT.
  • The person is expected to possess a strong background in image analysis with a proven track record evidenced through high quality publications.
  • He/She needs to have exceptional implementation and programming skills in C++.
  • Desired Characteristics: Candidates should have a strong mathematics orientation, demonstrably good C/C++ skills, and familiarity of open source tool kits such as ITK or OpenCV.
  • Knowledge of MATLAB is a plus. Experience in CUDA with the view of being able to accelerate algorithms on the GPU is a plus.

Job Responsibilities

  • Masters or PhD in CS/EE or related degree with experience in medical image visualization and processing
  • minimum of 10 years of related experience
  • Excellent C++ Programming Skills
  • Extensive experience with design and development of image analysis solutions
  • knowledge and experience of OOP
  • Experience with ITK and OpenCV is a plus
  • Experience with CUDA is a plus
  • ability to quickly develop a prototype while thinking about future capabilities and modularity of developed software components
  • Detail oriented and able to develop and push a single solution to completion
  • Analytical thinker with the ability to get to the roots of a problem
  • Interested in Development and Rapid Prototyping efforts


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India