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Java/Full Stack Developer|Multiple|4+ Yrs

  • DigiHelic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Multiple
  • 4 - 6 Yrs

Job Description

  • Key Skills : Fullstack Development, Java, JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuetify, Java 11, Spring Framework, Hibernate, SQL, RESTful API Design and Implementation
  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • 4-6 years of experience in full stack Java/JavaScript development.
  • Proficiency in Vue.js and Vuetify for front-end development.
  • Strong expertise in Java 11, Spring framework, and Hibernate for backend development.
  • Experience with RESTful API design and implementation.
  • Familiarity with SQL and database technologies, especially MS SQL Server.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an Agile environment.
  • Previous experience in testing or quality assurance is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Azure services is advantageous.
  • Understanding of software development best practices, design patterns, CI/CD pipelines, and DevOps practices.
  • xperience in the manufacturing industry is preferred.

  • - Excellent communication and documentation skills.

Job Responsibilities

  • Full Stack Development :
  • Utilize your expertise in Java and JavaScript to develop full-stack web applications, focusing on both front-end and back-end development.
  • Vue.js and Vuetify :
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Vue.js and Vuetify for front-end development, ensuring sleek and responsive user interfaces.
  • Bacend Development :
  • Apply your strong experience with Java 11, Spring framework, and Hibernate to design and develop robust backend systems that power the application's functionality.
  • RESTful API :
  • Design and implement RESTful APIs to facilitate communication between the front-end and back-end components of the application.
  • Database Technologies :
  • Utilize your knowledge of SQL and experience with database technologies, particularly MS SQL Server, to efficiently manage and query data.
  • Agile Collaboration :
  • Work collaboratively in an Agile environment, participating in sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives to deliver high-quality software incrementally.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance :
  • Participate in testing and quality assurance activities to ensure the reliability, performance, and security of the application.
  • Previous experience in testing or quality assurance is preferable.
  • Azure Services :
  • While not mandatory, familiarity with Azure services is a plus, as it can enhance the deployment and scalability of the application.
  • Full Stack Web Applications :
  • Previous experience working on full stack web applications is desirable, demonstrating your ability to contribute to both the front-end and back-end aspects of the development process.
  • Software Development Best Practices :
  • Adhere to software development best practices and design patterns to maintain code quality, readability, and scalability.
  • CI/CD Pipelines and DevOps :
  • Manufacturing Industry Experience :
  • Experience in the manufacturing industry is advantageous, as it provides context and domain knowledge for developing applications tailored to industry-specific requirements.
  • Communication and Documentation :
  • Exhibit strong communication skills and maintain thorough documentation throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring clarity and transparency for stakeholders.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Pune, Maharashtra, India