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Data Engineer - Python/Big Data|Pune|4+Yrs

  • HuQuo
  • India, P...
  • 4 - 6 Yrs

Job Closed

Job Description

  • Writing code in programming language & working experience in Python, PySpakrk, Scala or Similar
  • Big Data Framework & working experience in Spark or Hadoop or Hive (incl. derivatives like pySpark (preferred), SparkScala or SparkSQL) or Similar
  • Data warehouse working experience of concepts and development using SQL on single (SQL Server, Oracle or Similar) and parallel platforms (Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Snowflake)
  • Code Management & working experience in GIT Hub, Azure DevOps, or Similar
  • End to End Architecture and ETL processes & working experience in ETL Tool or Similar
  • Reading Data Formats & working experience in JSON, XML, or Similar
  • Data integration processes (batch & real- time) using tools & working experience in either Informatica PowerCenter and/or Cloud, Microsoft SSIS,
  • MuleSoft, DataStage, Sqoop, or Similar
  • Writing requirement, functional & technical documentation & working experience in the Integration design document, architecture documentation, data testing plans or Similar
  • SQL queries & working experience in SQL code or Stored Procedures or Functions or Views or Similar
  • Database & working experience in any of the database like MS SQL, Oracle, or Similar
  • Analytical Problem- Solving skills & working experience in resolving complex problems or Similar
  • Communication (read & write in English), Collaboration & Presentation skills & working experience as a team player or Similar.

Job Responsibilities

  • Stream Processing & working experience in either Databricks Streaming, Azure Stream Analytics or HD Insight or Kinesis Data Analytics or Similar
  • Analytical Warehouse & working experience in either SQL Data Warehouse or Amazon Athena or AWS Redshift or Big Query or Similar
  • Real- Time Store & working experience in either Azure Cosmos DB or Amazon Dynamo- DB or Cloud Bigdata or Similar
  • Batch Ingestion & working experience in Data Factory or Amazon Kinesis or Lambda or Cloud Pub/Sub or Similar Storage & working experience in Azure Data Lake Storage
  • GEN1/GEN2 or Amazon S3 or Cloud Storage or Similar
  • Batch Data Processing & working experience in either Azure Databricks or HD Insight or Amazon EMR or AWS Glue or Similar
  • Orchestration & working experience in either Data Factory or HDInsight or Data Pipeline or Cloud composer or Similar


Pune, Maharashtra, India