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Waqar Malik

(Angular + Node JS)

  • Malegaon, MH
  • 2 years
Notice Period: 30 Days

    Candidate's About

    Highly skilled and motivated Full Stack Developer with expertise in Backend Node.js and Frontend Angular development. Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of server deployment, production, and cloud services on AWS and Google Cloud. Proficient in implementing CI/CD pipelines for efficient software development and deployment. Detail-oriented, innovative, and committed to delivering high-quality, scalable, and maintainable software solutions.

    Work & Experience


    Frontend Development (Angular)

    Jan 22 - Jun 24
    • Developed and maintained dynamic single-page applications (SPAs) using Angular, resulting in enhanced user experiences and increased client satisfaction.
    • Integrated RESTful APIs to retrieve and display data, enhancing application functionality and real-time updates.
    • Developed and maintained reusable components and services to streamline development processes and improve cod...
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    Backend Developer

    Jan 22 - Jan 23
    • Supported the development of a government document review system.
    • implemented dynamic directory structures based on regions, departments, and civil codes.
    • Enhanced batch uploading and incorporated advanced file handling features.

    Backend Developer (Node js)

    Jan 22 - Jan 23
    • Contributed to the development of a real-time social media application.
    • Implemented group event creation and MLM system to earn money.
    • app allowing users to create and join parties, along with group interactions.
    • Implemented real-time chat and various social features.
    • Nekkal Sesa (Government Project) || Role :

    Full Stack (Angular + Node Js)

    Jan 22 - Jan 23
    • Contributed to a unique dating and social meetup app, enabling users to invite strangers to dinner at restaurants.
    • Implemented real-time user status tracking, QR code scanning for verification, and dynamic online/offline indicators.
    • Papeo Real Time Application || Role :

    Full Stack (Angular + Node Js)

    Jan 22 - Jan 23
    • Developed a subscription-based event posting platform, allowing users to create private or open events.
    • Implemented user authentication and payment integration for subscriptions.
    • iPyad Meet Social Meetup || Role :

    Backend Development (Node Js)

    Jan 22 - Jun 24
    • Developed and maintained backend applications using Node.js and Express.js, handling RESTful APIs and data processing for scalable and high performance web applications.
    • implemented serverless architecture using AWS Lambda and API Gateway, reducing infrastructure costs and enhancing scalability.
    • Implemented user authentication and authorization using JWT and OAuth for secur...
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    Bachelor of Computer Science

    Pune University
    2011 - 2015