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Vivek Srivastava

Senior Manager

  • Gurgaon, HR
  • 26 years
Notice Period: Available

    Candidate's About

    Senior Manager with 23 years experience in Healthcare, Banking and Insurance Domains.

    Work & Experience


    Systems Analyst

    May 02 - Feb 06
    • Worked on following Core Systems:
    • Policy & Programs Engine: Worked on Programs/Policy Framework which calculates Applicant RealAge, given his personal details, demographics details, bio-logical & medical facts.
    • Reward Management System: is a pluggable point based, third-party vendors/partners redemption integrated, loyalty system.
    • Worked upon activity/event based re...
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    Senior Systems Analyst

    Mar 06 - Nov 07
    • Maestro is a cloud-based platform for managing different services.
    • Maestro Registry Service, Maestro Instances & Maestro Database Service
    • Deployment Service to create Kubernetes artifacts such as Ingress, Deployment, Service, HorizontalPodAutoscaler etc.
    • AWS SNS & Rabbit MQ based asynchronous events processing framework to process events in real-time.
    • Monito...
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    Senior Manager

    Aug 19 - Jun 24
    • Work References: (OAuth 2.0) (SAML/SSO) (Data Platform) (Logical & Physical Architecture) (Trackers & Insights) (Core Banking Integration) You App : You App is a mobile app deigned to serve all your Health needs from a single device/app Led work on below microservices using Agile (Kanban) Methodology:
    • Sleep Microservice: Users sleep is tracked by mobile device and is sent to sleep ...
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    Senior Programmer

    Dec 96 - Feb 00

      Associate Technical Consultant

      Dec 07 - Jul 19
      • Finnone Neo CAS: Finnone Neo CAS is a Cloud ready, omnichannel, Customer Acquisition Module.
      • Credit Policy Engine: is used for calculating applicant credit worthiness against different configurable parameters.
      • Led work on Credit Policy Module using Drools Rule Engine.
      • SSO Integration (OAuth/SAML Integration): is an In-house Central Authentication System which integr...
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      Super Code Wizard

      May 00 - Mar 02
      • As an On-site Coordinator Analysed requirements and suggested estimates.
      • Conducted bi-weekly meetings with stakeholders to update on progress of the project and apprised them with any unwanted issues/risks.

      Additional Projects

      You App

      Senior Manager

      YouApp is Sharecare Flagship HealthCare Web & Mobile Application

      • kubernetes
      • java
      • reactjs
      • spring boot
      • microservices architecure
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      B. Tech.(Honors).,

      KNIT, Sultanpur