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Vikas Kumar

Senior Software Engineer

  • East Delhi, DL
  • 3 years

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    Candidate's About

    As a Senior Software Engineer, I have developed features for a cloud-based application to analyze Laser Force Cytology data, reducing manual effort by 90%. I have also developed automation for tire tread condition checks, and a web portal for educational courses.

    Work & Experience


    Senior Software Engineer

    Sep 21 - PRESENT


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    • Work closely with clients to understand their business requirements and develop software solutions that meet their needs.
    • Lead and participate in software design and development activities, including coding, testing, and debugging.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including project managers, QA engineers, and other software engineers.
    • Mentor and train junior...
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    Software Engineer

    MonkTree Education
    Jun 19 - Aug 21


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    • Developed a web portal for educational courses aimed at helping college students learn.
    • Worked on the development of a quiz application for students to test their knowledge.
    • Integrated payment gateway (Instamojo) into the web portal.
    • Implemented push notifications using Firebase to keep students updated about course-related information.
    • Implemented an Email ...
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    B.Tech in Computer Science

    Netaji Subhas University of Technology
    2015 - 2018


    • Received client recognition for my work.
    • Attained 125th position in the University entrance examination.
    • Created KARTMOJO, a successful e-commerce website that provides customers with an easy and intuitive shopping experience, complete with a seamless checkout process. Developed using Django, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, owl carousel, and JSON, the website is a testament to my proficiency in these technologies.
    • Designed a virtual hospital network using GNS3 Network simulation and successfully implemented the Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for efficient network management. This achievement showcases my expertise in network design and proficiency in using relevant technologies to optimize network performance.