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Shubham Tomar

Senior Android Developer

  • Firozabad, UP
  • 1 years

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    I am a highly motivated and adaptable professional with a passion for mobile app development. With a strong foundation in Core Java and Kotlin, I specialize in crafting intuitive and efficient Android applications using tools such as Android Studio. My journey in the tech industry has been marked by continuous growth and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

    Work & Experience


    Senior Android Developer

    Jan 21 - PRESENT


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      Android - Java
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      Android - Kotlin
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    • Qout Grocery (September 2021 - Present)
    • Project Description: An interactive application simplifying grocery shopping, allowing users to build, save, and share shopping lists, select grocery items, identify prices, and arrange for delivery or pickup.
    • Technologies: Java & XML, Android Studio 3.0.
    • ATCC Audit Easy
    • Project Description: Simplifies the auditing...
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    Android Developer

    MH InfoTech
    May 20 - Dec 20


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    Additional Projects

    Queuebuster POS

    Senior Android Developer

    QueueBuster is a powerful Mobile POS Solution for all kinds of businesses. From large format retail stores to small carts and kiosks, QueueBuster is all that you need to run your business with ease. Manage your Billing, Inventory, Loyalty/CRM, Payments, Khata and Online Dukaan (eStore) from a single location, anytime anywhere.

    QueueBuster is an extremely simple yet powerful POS application. You get the functionality of a traditional POS system with the mobility of a smartphone.


    1) Product Catalog - Manage product catalog with SKU level information on prices, taxes, charges, and more.

    2) Customer Invoices - Generate proforma invoices, final invoices, credit sales, and no charge orders.

    3) Inventory Management - A dedicated module to manage outlet level, SKU level stock information of the entire catalog.

    4) Payments - Accept payments through cash, card, online wallets, UPI, vouchers, credit notes, and cheque.

    5) CRM & Loyalty - Manage your customers, reward them with loyalty points and discounts based on their purchase history.

    6) Khata Module - Get rid of the traditional Hisab Kitab or Bahi Khata ledger and digitize your Khata. Record every Credit (Jama) and Debit (Udhaar) transaction and make your accounting simpler.

    7) Online Dukaan - Bring your entire catalog online and share with your customers via WhatsApp. Accept online orders directly in your POS application.

    8) Promotions & Discounts - Give spot discounts or apply them from a pre-defined list created at product or customer level.

    9) Reports - Get real-time sales updates or dig deeper to analyse your business with our exhaustive set of business reports.

    10) Roles & Permissions - Create unlimited users (staff) and manage their roles and permissions through your admin dashboard.

    11) Cloud Backup - Hosted on Amazon cloud infrastructure. Loss of your device will not lead to loss of your data.

    12) Offline Mode - Works seamlessly without internet. Automatically syncs data once online.

    13) Integrations - Integrated with hundreds of devices, printers, barcode scanners, payment providers & software across the globe.

    14) Bulk Data Management - Managing catalog of hundreds of products was never so easy without our Excel and CSV based bulk upload tools.

    15) Multiple Locations - Add a new outlet by the click of a button. Get all your reports sorted automatically without any hassle.

    16) Multiple Currencies - Go global. Run your business in any available


    1. Cloud (Web) based admin console to manage your entire business.

    2. Manage each & every module of your business from a single console itself.

    3. Access your data anytime anywhere. Available round the year.

    4. Set of comprehensive reports about products, taxes, inventory etc.

    5. No need to worry about your huge catalog. Upload data in bulk using Excel/CSV.

    6. Download almost everything in Excel, CSV or PDF format.

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    • Android,Java,Kotlin
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    Master's In Computer Applications

    2016 - 2019

    Bachelor's In Computer Applications

    2010 - 2013