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Rohit Bahekar

Front-end Engineer

  • Bhatapara, CT
  • 5 years

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    Candidate's About

    As a Front-end Engineer, I have created ad units for high-traffic landing pages and collaborated with stakeholders to ensure design best practices. I have designed technology solutions, addressed customer concerns, and created procedures for system optimization.

    Work & Experience


    Front-end Engineer

    Oct 21 - PRESENT


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    • Created Ad units for high-traffic landing pages with daily impressions in the millions
    • Collaborated with stakeholders to confirm creative proposals and design best practices during development processes
    • Planned website development by converting mockups into usable web presence with HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON coding
    • Improved code quality for better website perf...
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    Software Engineer

    Mar 20 - Sep 21
    • Reviewed project specifications and designed technology solutions that met or exceeded performance expectations
    • Discussed project progress with customers, collected feedback on different stages, and directly addressed concerns
    • Created procedures for system monitoring, recovery, backup, and optimization
    • Installed and configured software applications and tested soluti...
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    Web Developer

    Feb 17 - Feb 20
    • Collaborated with the marketing department to determine organizational needs and design pages to meet goals from February 2017 to February 2020
    • Conducted testing and reviewed website design for responsiveness, clarity, and effectiveness
    • Ran debugging tools such as Firebug and Chrome Inspector to eliminate flaws and glitches prior to publishing
    • Oversaw back-end devel...
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    BE - Computer Science and Engineering

    SSIET - Durg
    2011 - 2015


    • Successfully published the Chrome extension "Surf Healthy", demonstrating the ability to develop and release a functional software product.
    • Successfully developed a screen recording feature for a client's Chrome extension, demonstrating the ability to create and implement new functionality to enhance the user experience.
    • Being awarded Employee of the Month three times by VSH Solutions is a testament to the consistent dedication and hard work demonstrated in the workplace.
    • Successfully resolved a product issue by conducting consumer testing, showcasing the ability to identify and address potential user experience problems in a proactive and effective manner.
    • Successfully resolved existing performance issues within the product, resulting in system optimization and improved overall performance, demonstrating the ability to identify and address technical challenges to enhance product functionality.
    • Played a key role in the design and implementation of new features for Potion, showcasing the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and apply technical expertise to enhance product functionality and user experience.
    • Succesfully mentored three new employees, resulting in faster completion of project milestones and improved overall project efficiency. This showcases the ability to effectively share knowledge and support team members to achieve successful project outcomes.