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Rahul Vashishtha

Senior Software Engineer

  • Gurgaon, HR
  • 6 years
Notice Period: 60 Days

    Candidate's About

    Accomplished Tech Lead with 6 years of experience driving engineering teams to deliver scalable, maintainable, and high-performance software solutions. Proven track record in full-stack development, software engineering, project management, and customer-centric innovation. Adept at leveraging cutting-edge technologies to achieve business goals.

    Work & Experience


    Tech Lead

    Mar 23 - Jun 24
    • Slot Gaming Framework Enhancement: Enhanced the existing slot gaming framework by optimizing algorithms and refactoring code, increasing system efficiency by 15% and boosting user engagement.
    • Managed multiple game projects using Agile methodologies, ensuring optimal delivery and performance, reducing bug rate by 20%, development time by 30%, and release time by 80%.
    • Led gam...
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    Senior Software Engineer

    Dec 21 - Oct 22
    • Mobile and Web Applications: Led a team of 10+ members in launching multiple mobile and web applications using Agile methodologies and continuous deployment, increasing user base by 30% and revenue by 20%.
    • Scalable Architectures: Designed scalable architectures with load balancing and distributed computing techniques, handling 1 million daily user traffic and ensuring seamless perf...
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    Tech Lead

    Nov 22 - Feb 23
    • Cloud-Based Products: Led multiple teams in building next-generation cloud-based products using Kubernetes and Docker, achieving 99.9% uptime and significantly reducing downtime costs.
    • High-Volume Transactions: Launched products handling over 200 Cr transactions annually by implementing robust encryption and optimization techniques, enhancing transaction security and efficiency. Read More

    Senior Game Developer & Researcher

    Feb 20 - Dec 21
    • Internal Tools and Gaming Engine: Developed internal tools and a gaming engine using JavaScript and C#, currently handling 250+ games worldwide and reducing development time by 50%.
    • 3D Gaming Engine: Designed and developed a 3D gaming engine and framework using OpenGL and Unity, enhancing graphical performance by 30%.
    • Performance Optimization: Optimized gaming performance u...
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    Tech Founder

    Dec 17 - Dec 19
    • IoT Solutions: Led a team of 6+ IoT Engineers in developing IoT solutions using Node.js and C++, and managed business development, achieving a 70% profit margin.
    • Project Delivery: Successfully delivered 20+ IoT projects using Agile methodologies and continuous client feedback, improving client satisfaction and retention by 50%.
    • System Optimization: Developed IoT solutions u...
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    Bachelors of Technology

    ABES Institute of Technology (APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University)
    - 2019


    • National Level Gold Medalist in Software Development by UPCST - 2016 ● Runner up in Bigdatathon, a big data hackathon in 2017. ● Developed an advanced AI program during school in 2014-15, winning several inter-school & inter-university competitions.