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Prabhdeep Singh

Full-stack Developer

  • Ganganagar, RJ
  • 1 years

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    Candidate's About

    I am responsible for maintaining the project and implementing new features to facilitate easier interaction between users and healthcare staff. My contributions have enabled the company to provide a seamless user experience and improve patient outcomes.

    Work & Experience


    Full Stack Developer

    Self Care Catalysts
    Apr 22 - PRESENT

    • Proficient in working with React, Angular, and Ruby on Rails. 

    • Designed and implemented architecture to generate PDF reports with integrated charts from scratch. 

    • Improved API performance by implementing caching, resulting in a 30% speed increase. 

    • Practiced Test-Driven Development (TDD) with RSpec to ensure code stability and quality. 

    • Poss...

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    Full Stack Developer

    Vaco Enterprise
    May 21 - Mar 22

    • Proficient in working with MERN stack. 

    • Designed and implemented the architecture for waiting rooms in group meetings. 

    • Improved developer experience by adding methods to the caching layer, eliminating the need for direct interaction with Redis. 

    • Optimized API performance by adding cache generation and invalidation for user data.

     • Enhanced s...

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